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  1. I have a 3/4 HP genteq squirrel cage. It has no wiring whatsoever ,.how can I wire it just to use as fan for my shop

    1. To wire your 3/4 HP Genteq squirrel cage fan for shop use:

      -Turn off power.
      -Get power cord, wire nuts, switch.
      -Identify motor wires: main (black/red), auxiliary (white/blue).
      -Connect cord: black to main, white to auxiliary.
      -Ground wire to metal frame.
      -Install switch: cut cord, connect to switch.
      -Tape connections.
      -Test fan.

      For safety, consult an electrician if unsure.

  2. When I got the 3/4 HP. Genteq, it had no wiring whatsoever. Not even a capacitor .The info on the motor says it can be wired 110 or 220. I’ve used one like it before as a shop fan. Someone had already wired it. Sadly I sold it a couple years later. But it worked great. Do I need the plug that’s missing or can it be wired without it. If so can. You please tell me how to do it, and what I’ll need. love your motors! Thanks Mike

    1. Thanks for reaching out! You can definitely wire your Genteq motor without the missing plug. Decide on 110V or 220V and follow these steps:

      Wiring: For 110V, connect black to L1 and white to L2. For 220V, connect one hot wire to L1, the other to L2.

      Capacitor: Get a matching capacitor (check motor specs) and connect it as instructed.

      Testing: Run the motor, if it works smoothly, you’re all set!

      Remember, safety first! If unsure, consult an electrician.

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