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  1. Can a 208/416 motor be ran off a rotary phase converter without a transformer from a 240v power source

    1. Yes, a 208/416 motor can be run off a rotary phase converter without a transformer from a 240V power source. A rotary phase converter is designed to convert single-phase power into three-phase power, which is necessary for running three-phase motors. In this case, the 240V power source can be used to provide the input power to the rotary phase converter, and the converter will generate the required three-phase power to operate the 208/416 motor.

  2. I am considering a purchase of a 3 Phase, 208 volt compressor. My system is 3 phase, 240 volts. Is that a problem ?

    1. Both systems are 3-phase, the difference in voltage could lead to potential problems.

      Typically, electrical equipment is designed to operate within a specific voltage range. Using a compressor designed for 208 volts on a 240-volt system may result in decreased performance, increased energy consumption, and possible damage to the compressor or other connected equipment.

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