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  1. HI,
    It is a good project.My doubt is , DC supply 12 v is to be given from seperate adaptor.This adaptor AC input is not possible to taken from Iron box input.So two plug points needed.In the utiliy vision ,two adaptor usage when using iron obx is difficult one.Any other option to use AC input from single point to Iron box and DC adapter.

    1. Thank you for your positive feedback on the project. I understand your concern about the need for two separate plug points when using the iron box and the DC adapter. In order to address this, you can consider using a power strip with multiple outlets. This way, you can plug both the iron box and the DC adapter into the power strip, which requires only a single AC input.

      Make sure that the power source can handle the combined power requirements of the iron box and the DC adaptor to avoid overloading. Additionally, ensure the safety of the circuit by using appropriate electrical components and following standard safety practices.

      I hope this suggestion helps in simplifying the power supply arrangement for your project. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to ask!

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