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  1. Installing a sixty amp breaker for car charger… Length is about 125 feet. Is 4 gauge sufficient Or should I make it 3 gauge?

    1. For a sixty amp breaker and a distance of 125 feet, it is generally recommended to use a larger gauge wire to minimize voltage drop over the distance. The National Electrical Code (NEC) suggests using a 3-gauge wire for this scenario.

  2. Hi Charles: Great article and nicely explained.

    I have installed Tesla wall charger in the garage with 60 amp circuit breaker and 66 feet of 6/3 Metal Clad (MC) Cable with Ground, Aluminum Armored wire (green-ground; black and white hit wires). I get the maximum 43 miles per hour charge on my Tesla.

    Should I change the wire to higher gauge 4/3 wire??

    Thanks, Ravi

    1. Your current setup with a 60 amp circuit breaker and 66 feet of 6/3 Metal Clad Cable seems to be providing a good charging rate for your Tesla. While upgrading to a higher gauge 4/3 wire could potentially increase the charging speed, it’s important to consult a certified electrician before making any changes to ensure safety and compliance with electrical codes. Factors like your Tesla’s charger capacity and circuit breaker limits need to be considered. Always prioritize safety and seek professional guidance.

  3. What size wire (gauge) do i need from my house breaker box to a outside building 230 feet away to run a 60 amp box at the garage.. The wire will be buried in conduit from the house to garage.

    1. For a 60 amp load in a garage located 230 feet away from the house breaker box, running through buried conduit, a recommended wire gauge of 4 AWG for copper conductors should be considered to minimize voltage drop and ensure safe and efficient electrical transmission, although it’s crucial to consult a licensed electrician or local code regulations to account for specific conditions and requirements.

  4. Can I use a double 60 amp breaker w/tie bar and 6 amp wire to wire a sub panel for 60 amps? Wire rated at 90` C.

    1. For a 60 amp subpanel, you should be using a wire gauge that is rated to handle at least 60 amps, if not more. Since you mentioned that the wire is rated at 90°C, make sure that the breaker and the subpanel are also rated for the same temperature. It’s crucial to follow electrical codes and guidelines to prevent overheating, fires, and other safety hazards.

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