How to Interface I2C External EEPROM 24LC64 to PIC Microcontroller


Microcontrollers are standalone chips since they have memory and processor embedded. The integrated memory of microcontrollers store embedded code and other temporary variables for the execution of program. CircuitsGallery published many microcontroller tutorials and PIC microcontroller projects. Sometimes we may use non-volatile memories (i2c devices) with microcontrollers in case of storing permanent data. In this…

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Interfacing GPS Receiver with 8051 Microcontroller -AT89C52


How to interface GPS receiver with 8051 (AT89C52)? GPS receiver is an electronics device capable of receiving Global Positioning System (GPS) signals to decide the device’s location on Earth. Today GPS receiver is popular in vehicles and other navigation equipment. As we know that GPS is free to use there is no subscription charge for…

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Car Anti theft System Project using Microcontroller PIC16f73

car anti theft alarm circuit diagram

For a while we have been sharing many electronic projects for engineering students and then we found out there was a huge demand for embedded projects, especially PIC microcontroller based projects. After a short break, here is another outstanding one that is not only suitable for electronics engineering but mechanical engineering students too. Now coming…

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GSM Based Digital Wireless Notice Board Using PIC16F877A Microcontroller


Are you looking for Final year Electronics Engineering Project? Here CircuitsGallery presents GSM based electronics and telecommunication engineering projects for students. You can submit this as your academic project. Our project is nothing but a GSM based notice board using PIC that is capable of displaying SMS received by it. You can specify what content that…

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Heartbeat Monitor Project Circuit with Tachycardia Alarm

Heartbeat Monitor Project Circuit Demo

The present Medical Electronics deals with many of technologies like ECG (Electro Cardio Gram), EEG (Electro Encephalo Gram), Cardiac monitors etc. Almost all multispecialty hospitals equipped with modern technologies those are coming from Electronics. Let me introduce here a heartbeat monitor project that can monitor the heart beat and displays in a seven segment display.…

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Servo Motor Control using Microcontroller PIC16F877A

PIC servo motor control circuit

Servo motors are widely used in robotics and industries for motion control. They can be controlled by PWM signals where the required angle of rotation can be located by a particular PWM signal. So In this article we’ll see in detail on PWM servo control and how servo motor control using pic16f877a is possible. Servo…

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