Simple Wire Loop Alarm Circuit Schematics for Door Security


Home security alarm system is a big concern these days. Previously we had published some simple home security systems, the simple burglar alarm system and laser beam alarm circuit are some of them. In this tutorial we will explain how to make a simple wire loop alarm circuit schematics for door security using just four…

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Getting Started with ESP8266 ESP-01 Wi-Fi Module

ESP8266 ESP-01 with holder

We can control our home appliances from any remote place in the world if there is an internet connection, and that too without using a micro controller or Arduino. Here through this article we introduce the latest ESP-01 wireless module which can also monitor temperature and humidity. ESP8266 ESP-01 can connect to the internet through…

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GPS Module Configuration Using USB Interface and SiRFDemo

GPS Module Configuration SiRFDemo Software

A GPS (Global Positioning system) navigation device precisely computes geographical location by receiving necessary information from GPS satellites. GPS modules are widely used in object tracking or location tracking and to indicate the path or roads available helping to reach the desired destination easily. They are used in many applications such as in aeronautics, mining…

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