Home Automation and Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA8 with Arduino Programming

microcontroller based home automation system with security

Home automation and security systems have become very popular these days, today industrial automation techniques are widely adopted by luxurious homes and apartments. Here I’m going to give a worthy home automation security and monitoring project for engineering students. On the whole this microcontroller based home automation system with security performs the following series of…

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Arduino Temperature Sensor or Digital Thermometer with LM35


Hi, Today I’ve come up with a cool Arduino microcontroller project for engineering students. Through this article I’m gonna teach you how to make a thermometer with Arduino. The advantage of Arduino temperature sensor is its ease of construction. We had already seen Arduino and its features. Arduino programming is much easier than you think.…

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SMS Based Device Control using GSM Modem

Home appliances controlling using mobile phone

It has been a while since we published electronic engineering projects here due to the busy schedule we had in the past weeks, and this time we’re up with another interesting project. Before going through the details of this one, you may as well check our latest electronics projects for engineering students. GSM based device…

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How to Interface I2C External EEPROM 24LC64 to PIC Microcontroller


Microcontrollers are standalone chips since they have memory and processor embedded. The integrated memory of microcontrollers store embedded code and other temporary variables for the execution of program. CircuitsGallery published many microcontroller tutorials and PIC microcontroller projects. Sometimes we may use non-volatile memories (i2c devices) with microcontrollers in case of storing permanent data. In this…

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