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    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear that the article was helpful for you. If you have any other questions or if there is anything else I can help you with, feel free to ask!

      1. Then how to make neutral to ground voltage in acceptable limit??

        In one of my case , the voltage between neutral and ground is fluctuating between 3 volts to 6 to overcome it without shorting it

        1. To temporarily mitigate the fluctuating voltage between neutral and ground, you can create a short circuit by safely connecting them using an insulated wire or jumper cable. This should only be done under careful supervision to assess if the voltage stabilizes within an acceptable range. However, keep in mind that shorting is a temporary measure and does not address the underlying issue; it’s crucial to identify and rectify the root cause for a lasting solution. Always prioritize safety and consult a qualified professional if unsure.

  1. how about industrial control cabinet ?
    I see some designer connected neutral to the ground in the cabinet, and all the components PE and PG and G connected together. it sounds crazy?
    Hope I can have a good answer.

    1. Connecting neutral to ground in an industrial control cabinet is a common practice for safety reasons, but it’s important to ensure that all the components are properly grounded and isolated to avoid any electrical hazards.

  2. What happens if I am in a situation where the only service to an outlet ONLY contains a neutral and a hot wire. In this circumstance it seems like crossing the ground and the neutral WOULD be a useful solution?

    1. Using the neutral wire as a substitute for the ground wire in an outlet is not recommended. It’s essential to have proper grounding for safety reasons. If you encounter this situation, consult a licensed electrician for the correct solution. Your safety should never be compromised.

  3. I was changing a 13A socket today when the neutral accidentally touched the earth and tripped the whole house. I got a little shocked, literally and figuratively, since that particular circuit breaker was turned off. Your excellent article is the perfect answer I was looking for. Many thanks.

    1. I’m glad my article helped. Safety is crucial when working with electrical systems. Take precautions to prevent accidents, follow proper procedures, and double-check that the power is off before starting. Consult with an electrician if you have concerns. Best of luck with your future projects!

  4. I’ve heard that, in some situations, connecting the neutral wire to ground could cause an incorrect meter reading. Some meters depend on the circuit being completed as designed so that an accurate reading can be obtained. Basically what I’m saying is, with some meters you could actually be stealing electricity by diverting the return flow. Is this correct?

    1. No, connecting the neutral wire to ground will not cause an incorrect meter reading or result in stealing electricity. Meters are designed to measure electricity accurately within a circuit, and connecting the neutral wire to ground is a standard practice.

    1. Using the ground wire as a replacement for the neutral wire is not safe or recommended. The two serve different purposes, and using the ground wire as a neutral can lead to safety hazards, voltage issues, interference, and legal problems.

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