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  1. please i want more from neutral bar connected to earth bar and then we can only connected only in neutral to load or both to load . still confuse here.
    all load can have head wires or not
    please i want how schemedic diagram from switch to load please

    1. In a basic electrical setup, the neutral bar connects to the neutral wire while the earth bar connects to the ground for safety. Loads typically connect to both the hot and neutral wires to complete the circuit. A schematic from switch to load involves the source providing power to the switch via a hot wire, then connecting the load to both the hot and neutral wires. Proper grounding is essential for safety. If uncertain, consult a professional electrician.

  2. When I install a sub panel at the garage
    I must seperste neutrals and grounds?
    All grounds are bonded to the box?
    Ground from main box needs to be conected to ground bar above?
    And two copper ground bars driven into earth need to be connected to ground bus as well?

    1. Yes, when installing a sub panel in your garage, it’s essential to separate neutrals and grounds. All grounds should be bonded to the subpanel’s metal box. The ground wire from the main box should indeed be connected to the ground bar in the subpanel. Additionally, connecting the two copper ground bars driven into the earth to the ground bus in the subpanel is a good practice to ensure proper grounding and electrical safety.

      1. A follow-up question here. My detached garage has a subpanel (old fuse box install from ~1950). There is *no ground* running from the main box in the house. Can I ground and bond the subpanel using ground bars driven in the earth, rather than run a new line with ground from the main (140′ from house)?

        1. Using ground rods in the earth for your detached garage’s electrical panel is okay, but it’s not the best way. It’s safer to run a special ground wire from your main house panel to the garage panel, especially if it’s far away. This is because it provides a more reliable and safer path for electrical issues. Safety should always come first with electricity.

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