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  1. Hello Charles,
    I have a question. For Agilent 54610B, bandwidth is 500Mhz but sample rate is 20MSa/s.
    I cannot understand why sampling rate will be less than bandwidth.

    1. The Agilent 54610B 2 Channel oscilloscope has a bandwidth of 500 MHz, which means it can accurately measure signals up to a frequency of 500 MHz. However, the sample rate of 20 MSa/s (mega-samples per second) means that the oscilloscope can only capture up to 20 million samples per second.

      The Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem states that in order to accurately reconstruct a signal, the sampling rate must be at least twice the highest frequency component of the signal. Therefore, in the case of the Agilent 54610B oscilloscope, it can accurately capture signals up to half its bandwidth, which is 250 MHz.

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