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  1. I want to make a led bulb consisting 10 nos of LED of 4v DC each in parallel.can you please refer me a circuit diagram using stepdown transformer to get 4v DC supply from 220v/230v (generally available in india).The circuit should have sufficient longevity,cost efficient. What will be the rated watt of the Bulb?
    Please kindly reply me.Thanking You.

  2. hello, i need some engineers or a person that understand in electrical engineer to help in my subject.
    i want from him to solve some questions in my assignments and if it was correct i will give him money
    only from UAE
    you can call me: 0501338511

  3. I have a 400w sterio amp using irfp150 4 nos. But accidently I shorted a 220nf capacitor connected to -34v . Although there was a spark, there’s no visible damage . But that channel is producing low volume and very low amount of high and low frequency. What may be the cause

  4. Very small amount of high and middle frequency. The speaker connected to the faulty part pops out or in after a second than the working one. No problem with the tone control board

  5. I need help with circuit design my circuit asking (one input 240v ac and 4 outputs first out put is +5v,-5v,0v second output is from 0v-20v, 3rd output is two fixed 60v and 120v, 4th output is variable from 0v-60v 50Hz and 60Hz , please email me I will send all detail to you I will pay good money.

  6. Clap switch circuit: The circuit worked properly. But I like to use it in bedroom. So what should i do to make the mic more sensitive. Now the circuit is working only when clapped from nearby the mic.

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