Project Electronic Circuit: Smart Helmet For Motorcycle with Accident and Alcohol Detection

smart helmet for motorcycle

Road accidents are on the rise day by day, and in countries like India where bikes are more prevalent many people die due to carelessness caused in wearing motorcycle helmets.Even though there have been continuous awareness from the government authorities regarding helmets and seat belts a majority of the drivers do not heed them. In…

Digital Ammeter Using PIC Microcontroller 16F877A and Seven Segments Display (0 to 10A)

Digital ammeter using pic microcontroller

Ammeter is an instrument used for electric current measurement in a circuit. In an ammeter, the electric current passing through it are measured in Amperes (A). In the olden times, ammeters were just a laboratory instrument based upon earth’s magnetic field. By the late 19th century, little more improved instruments were designed which could be…'

Simple Digital GPS Speedometer Using PIC16F877A with LCD Display


Speedometer is a speed measuring gauge used to calculate the speed of motor vehicles. They are mainly of two types- electronics and mechanical. Digital speedometer measures the speed and mileage in vehicles. Normally both types work on the principle of electromagnetism, however they have a disadvantage that they cannot be used if there are no…

Android App Home Automation via Bluetooth Using PIC16F628A Microcontroller


We have been posting several latest and advanced PIC microcontroller based projects and here is another wonderful wireless home automation project for Engineering/ Diploma students, Android Bluetooth Home Appliances Control System. Android phones are very popular today due to their limitless possibilities, have you thought about controlling your home appliance from your android phone via Bluetooth?…

Object Detecting Android Mobile Phone Controlled Bluetooth Robot Using PIC Microcontroller 16F877A


Last time we had a project on Arduino robots with Bluetooth and Android, and in that one our readers Mr. Paul asked how he can make an obstacle avoidance robot. So today I came up with another engineering project for electronics and communication students, Android and Bluetooth controlled robot using PIC Microcontroller with object detecting capability. After…