Digital Ammeter Using PIC Microcontroller 16F877A and Seven Segments Display (0 to 10A)

Digital ammeter using pic microcontroller

Ammeter is an instrument used for electric current measurement in a circuit. In an ammeter, the electric current passing through it are measured in Amperes (A). In the olden times, ammeters were just a laboratory instrument based upon earth’s magnetic field. By the late 19th century, little more improved instruments were designed which could be…'

Simple Digital GPS Speedometer Using PIC16F877A with LCD Display


Speedometer is a speed measuring gauge used to calculate the speed of motor vehicles. They are mainly of two types- electronics and mechanical. Digital speedometer measures the speed and mileage in vehicles. Normally both types work on the principle of electromagnetism, however they have a disadvantage that they cannot be used if there are no…

Home Automation and Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA8 with Arduino Programming

microcontroller based home automation system with security

Home automation and security systems have become very popular these days, today industrial automation techniques are widely adopted by luxurious homes and apartments. Here I’m going to give a worthy home automation security and monitoring project for engineering students. On the whole this microcontroller based home automation system with security performs the following series of…

Project for Electronics and Communication: Automatic Road Sign Detection, Recognition and Commanding System

road sign detection system circuit

At colleges, its busy time now as I can see lot of my friends running around to get their engineering major projects approved (Luckily mine got approved 🙂 ; I’ll will be publishing it later). We have also got mails requesting good electronics projects for engineering students. Here at we already have a fine collection…