GSM and GPS Based Accident Detecting Messaging System Using Arduino


Let’s make an Accident Detecting Messaging System Using Arduino, we can fix this GPS vehicle tracking system in any vehicles, it will send  SMS when accident detected, the GPS module connected with vehicle tracking system will locate the location and send SMS to predefined phone number about the accident with geographical location where the accident…

Project Electronic Circuit: Smart Helmet For Motorcycle with Accident and Alcohol Detection

smart helmet for motorcycle

Road accidents are on the rise day by day, and in countries like India where bikes are more prevalent many people die due to carelessness caused in wearing motorcycle helmets.Even though there have been continuous awareness from the government authorities regarding helmets and seat belts a majority of the drivers do not heed them. In…

GPS Module Configuration Using USB Interface and SiRFDemo

GPS Module Configuration SiRFDemo Software

A GPS (Global Positioning system) navigation device precisely computes geographical location by receiving necessary information from GPS satellites. GPS modules are widely used in object tracking or location tracking and to indicate the path or roads available helping to reach the desired destination easily. They are used in many applications such as in aeronautics, mining…'

Simple Digital GPS Speedometer Using PIC16F877A with LCD Display


Speedometer is a speed measuring gauge used to calculate the speed of motor vehicles. They are mainly of two types- electronics and mechanical. Digital speedometer measures the speed and mileage in vehicles. Normally both types work on the principle of electromagnetism, however they have a disadvantage that they cannot be used if there are no…

Interfacing GPS Receiver with 8051 Microcontroller -AT89C52


How to interface GPS receiver with 8051 (AT89C52)? GPS receiver is an electronics device capable of receiving Global Positioning System (GPS) signals to decide the device’s location on Earth. Today GPS receiver is popular in vehicles and other navigation equipment. As we know that GPS is free to use there is no subscription charge for…