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Abdul Jaseem, the founder of CircuitsGallery and the i-St@r Group. Being a keen electronic hobbyist, He started this blog during his college days (November 2011) with the aim of delivering electronics ideas from the basics to advance level in the simplest way for everyone who comes here.

At circuitsgallery, we are talking about DIY circuits, Electronics projects with simulation, Micro controller projects, basic electronics principles with animations and much more..!

About Me

Let me formally introduce myself to you, I am a Graduated Engineer in Electronics and Communication from a reputed university in India. Computer and technology has been my passion since I was a child.

Abdul Jaseem
Professionally I am working in VoIP & Telecommunication and system administration.

Now even after having a full time job, I am sticking on to my goal due the continuous support I get from you guys.

Lately I have also introduced videos and animation of circuits to make you enjoy electronics.
I started this Electronics data base during the last months of 2011 when I was perusing 3rd year degree in Electronics & Communication.

Soon after the completion of my degree (2012) I moved as a Network VoIP Support Engineer and still continuing blogging as a part time hobby!

So if you feel I am doing a great job, then don’t forget to show your support by liking our Facebook page and following me on Google Plus.

Khaleel Ebrahim, my friend and Co-Founder of this blog has been doing the customization of CircuitsGallery and marketing for i-St@r group.

He has been accompanying me since the beginning of the journey.

It was in 2013 when we planned to make little more changes in Circuits Gallery by introducing Buy Circuits Online facility; we found one dedicated and hardcore circuit designer and maniac Mr. Sayyid Yaseen.

He has a diploma in Electronics and is currently doing his degree in Electronics and Communication engineering.

He is enjoying by developing practical circuits and projects for i-St@r group. His main areas of interest cover PIC Microcontroller and Linear Integrated Circuits.

Now while studying he works for Circuits Gallery to make this Electronics encyclopedia with full of circuits and projects.

42 thoughts on “About www.circuitsgallery.com

        • Have my best greetings. Really I appreciated your high tech knowledge on this field. I am very interested in the Transmitter World. If you don’t mind I would like to contact you for this propose.

  1. please provide me the circuit of project home automation using mobile phone(i am using microcontroller ATMEGA328P OF 28 pin)

  2. it was a wonderful idea……. it really help us for practical aplications…… thank u very very much………. sir

  3. Dear Jaseem VP

    you did a great job it was highly appriciable.

    Could you tell me which compiler you used in GSM based notice board using PIC 16f877a project

  4. assalamualaykum …I am tanzia..i am a student of CSE .. would you please help me in simulink purpose? how can i run a matlab code in simulink?? please answer my queries.



  5. hey guys, i’d like to make a multichannel rf remote controller that can control 8 appliances but the problem i met with is where to find the transmitter and receiver module so any idea would be helpful. 10x

  6. i generated an AC voltage of (120 -150volts) unstable that can light 3pcs 2watts LED Bulb now i am looking for a circuit that can convert it to 12volt-13volt DC to be used for charging 12v lithium battery…. can you help me

  7. Great Job Guys. Excellent website and beautifull collection of circuits. I am a 57 year old electronics hobbyist and have seen a lot of different presentations on collections of circuits and other stuff, but the simplicity and organisation of your site is sooo good. Although I am now retired and dont have much time to pursue my hobby, I am inspired to get into it again.
    Please keep up the good work and keep inspiring. How about introducing a reward based competition for best circuit design by your followers? Would be great.
    Thanks s lot.

  8. Dear Abdul Jaseem,
    I am a 69 Years old man now passing through my retired life. I am very impressed upon about the information you are providing in your Blog.
    Your efforts & ides have encouraged me to learn at this age on the electronic fields. Accordingly, I have stated searching & reading basis ides from the Internet. I am a mechanical engineer by profession and have not much idea about Transistor & ICs. Please advise me how I should proceed and I can enjoy my leisure time by learning & making few projects.
    I wish you a happy & prosperous life and more & more success.
    Best regards.
    Samarendra Nath Basu

  9. respected sir
    sir i made up 230v ac to 12v dc charger for car battery but when i completed my circuit my capacitor (4700uF 25v)
    heatup too much and finally leakage. an also volatge came after converting ac to dc 6v to 7v.
    sir please give solution . i follow your circuit .

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