GSM and GPS Based Accident Detecting Messaging System Using Arduino

Let’s make an Accident Detecting Messaging System Using Arduino, we can fix this GPS vehicle tracking system in any vehicles, it will send  SMS when accident detected, the GPS module connected with vehicle tracking system will locate the location and send SMS to predefined phone number about the accident with geographical location where the accident occurred..

We use Arduino with GSM and GPS module, and vibration sensor for accident detection, it will make a signal when a vibration occurs. GPS module continually send the location information, GSM module helps to send SMS. Bothe these module use serial communication. Arduino UNO has only one hardware serial port, but we need two, hence use a software serial library.


Circuit diagram of vehicle tracking system using GPS

vehicle tracking system using gps circuit-diagram

Working of GPS Tracking System

  • When vibration occurs the vibration sensor connected with auto tracking device will send a signal to arduino’s 8th pin
  • Arduino will read the GPS data and filter the location information from received data
  • The vehicle tracker will send SMS command with the text including latitude and longitude to the GSM module

Steps to Implement Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS

  1. Make connections as circuit diagram
  2. Download TinyGPS library from here
  3. Add tyny GPS library to arduino
  4. Download or copy Arduino code
  5. Edit the PHONE_NUMBER with your number and upload
  6. Place GPS antenna on outdoor area to get good satellite signal
  7. Waite to blink the gps signal led
  8. Waite to glow the green LED connected with arduino which indicates GPS ready
  9. Make a vibration on the sensor you can see the red LED glows, which indicates SMS is sending
  10. Make sure that you GSM is ready by simply making a call to GSM modem or listen the network led is blinking slowly

Arduino Code

You can select this vehicle tracking system project as your academic project especially for ece projects, here we publish the arduino program, it can implement as tracking system for vehicles in the real world

Components for Vehicle Tracking Device

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. GPS Module
  3. GSM Module
  4. Resistor (10K ) x2
  5. LED (RED)
  6. LED (GREEN)
  7. USB Cable for Arduino

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