Project Electronic Circuit: Smart Helmet For Motorcycle with Accident and Alcohol Detection

Road accidents are on the rise day by day, and in countries like India where bikes are more prevalent many people die due to carelessness caused in wearing motorcycle helmets.Even though there have been continuous awareness from the government authorities regarding helmets and seat belts a majority of the drivers do not heed them.

In order to put an end to this misery we have developed the smart helmet for motorcycle, a way to stop starting of vehicles without wearing helmet or even if the driver is boozed. In addition, it has a great feature of detecting accidents and informs specific people via SMS with location and speed of the bike before the accident occurs with the help of GPS GSM based tracking system, thus aiding ambulance to reach the correct location.We have implemented all the sensors within the helmet, which will send the information to the module connected with the bike engine wirelessly. A display is provided to monitor the status.

This smart bike helmet system has two modules, one on the helmet and another one on the bike. Accident sensor, helmet sensor and alcohol sensor are attached with the helmet module and GPS and GSM are connected with the module on the bike that has display to monitor status. These two modules communicate wirelessly using RF transmitter and receiver with encoder and decoder, PIC16F877A is used as CPU.This is one of the most advanced electronics projects for engineering students.

Circuit Diagram

smart helmet for motorcycle
Helmet Module
Smart helmet for motorcycle circuit
ECU Module

Components Required

  1. PIC16F877A
  2. IC HT12E
  3. IC HT12D
  4. IC 7805 x2
  5. RF Transmitter and Receiver
  6. Transistor(BC548)
  7. Resistor (1K x3, 10K x2, 33K ,330, 750K)
  8. Capacitor (0.1uF x3, 22pf x2, 10uF, )
  9. Relay 12V/10A
  10. GSM Module (SIM900)
  11. GPS Module
  12. Vibration sensor (Accident sensor)
  13. Alcohol sensor
  14. 9V Battery
  15. 12V battery or use bike battery
  16. General PCB
  17. Push button (Push to OFF type) as helmet sensor

Working of smart helmet for motorcycle

We will explain the working of each module separately:

Helmet module

  • The three sensors- alcohol, accident and the helmet sensors are assembled here; it will run with a 9V battery. The 7805 linear regulator IC connected to the circuit will convert 9V to 5V.
  • This circuit contains RF transmitter, Encoder, sensors and regulator. Output from each of the sensors is connected to the data input pins of encoder (AD9, AD10 and AD11). Encoder will continuously encode and these sensors values are fed to RF transmitter to transmit data to the ECU unit for further actions.
  • All the sensors we have used here is digital (TTL output) to makes our system easier.
  • Push button is used here as helmet sensor i.e. it will detect the wearing of helmet.It must be push off type i.e. in normal condition it will be ON and when pushed it will be OFF.
  • Alcohol sensor must be placed in front of the mouth to check alcohol content in the breath.
  • Vibration sensor is used to detect accident, so it should be placed on the helmet where vibration occurs when the helmet hits the ground.

ECU module

  • This system includes GPS module, GSM module , PIC microcontroller,RF receiver and decoder
  • RF receiver receives signals from the helmet module and are decoded by decoder IC HT12D
  • Decoder is directly connected to PORTE, it is continuously scanned by PIC and does the required actions.
  • Relay is used to short the spark plug to ground; normally vehicle body is connected to ground.
  • In normal case spark plug is shorted to ground, it will disconnect from ground only after wearing helmet and when no alcohol is detected.
  • Vibration sensor is fixed on the helmet, if accident occurs it will detect and send signals through RF, it will send SMS to the specified number with the accident location and vehicle speed just before accident had occurred.
  • LCD display shows the status of the system- detection of alcohol, accident detection, speed of the vehicle and accident location.

Hope you liked this project and do let us know if you have any queries through comments below, thanks 🙂

12 thoughts on “Project Electronic Circuit: Smart Helmet For Motorcycle with Accident and Alcohol Detection

  1. I have a query. How would a person place alcohol detecter near his/her mouth if they are drunk. In that case this won’t turn out to be helpful

  2. Can you send me the program to be burned on microcontroller pic16f877a for this project.
    Also what I have to do if I want to implement the whole circuit using adruino.
    Please help me……
    I want to make it my final year project for final year Ece.

  3. Sir please provide me hex code file for this project in Kiel. Sir i have also choose this project but microcontroller we are using is different but concept is same. Now the exams are coming but our project output is not getting by us. So please help me and provide me .hex code file for this project

  4. Please let me know the place to fit the that bike unit in the bike … not getting it .. And also about that relay switch

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