Automatic Digital Visitor Counter Circuit Diagram Simple Electronics Hobby Project for Students

CircuitsGallery had posted many electronic circuit design projects suitable for School students as well as engineering students. Here we would like to demonstrate one of the hobby electronics projects called visitor counter project, it will be a simple electronics projects for school students.

A digital visitor counter is necessary to count how many people entered in to a party or a conference hall. The automatic visitor counter is a simple electronics hobby circuit and it can be applied to science fair project for school students.
It can simply done by this circuit, a light source and a light sensor is used to detect the person and display the count using seven segment display with the help of 4026. The light source and the light sensor placed in such a way that the visitor will cross the light path when he enter in to the hall.

Digital Visitor Counter Circuit Diagram
As project circuit is concerned, it is very easy to implement and its circuit section is also so simple.
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Visitor Counter Circuit Diagram

Automatic Digital Visitor Counter Circuit Diagram Simple Electronics Hobby Project for Students

Components Required for Automatic Visitor Counter Project

  1. IC 4026
  2. Transistor (BC548)
  3. Resistor (10K, 100)
  4. POT (100K)
  5. LDR
  6. 7 segment Display (Common anode)
  7. Torch light or laser

Visitor Counter Circuit Diagram Working

  • The light beam from torch is continually hit on the LDR so the resistance of LDR is low and the voltage drop across LDR and ground is less than 0.6V
  • The threshold voltage 0.6V can be set by varying the POT 10K
  • When a person or an object is passes between the light beams light will not hit on the LDR so the resistance of LDR become high
  • We have V=IxR (Voltage = Current X Resistance) i.e., the resistance of LDR is high voltage across LDR become high
  • If the voltage across LDR exceeds 0.6V then transistor will ON and start conducting
  • When the transistor is ON, the potential at point A becomes LOW and when the transistor become OFF, the potential at a will be HIGH
  • As soon as the person cross the light beam a LOW and HIGH voltage transition occur at the point A.
  • Which is fed to the Clock of 4026 IC, it will start count with the clock and display on seven segment display
    4026 will increment the count when each person enters in to the room

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5 thoughts on “Automatic Digital Visitor Counter Circuit Diagram Simple Electronics Hobby Project for Students

  1. it’s a good innovation in the world of technology with a few components.
    sir! in that project, if the counter begins and the operator or the user which to reset the counter in other to start at fresh. how is it going to be possible since pin 15 has been grounded.

  2. hey plz help me in my project mobile phone detector which has easily available components plz plz m so much worry. m student of msc physics plz plz

  3. Dear Jassem,
    By chance I found this website and wanted to ask help for this:
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    I found cell phone detectors but not only they are expensive, they detect cell phones up to many meters.

    I want a device to detect a range of 4 – 5 meters because we live in a building and I have to find a cell phone in a room of my house and not the neighbor’s cell phone.
    I am an ignorant about this and if u can suggest a device and where to buy I would be grateful. It’s absolutely necessary for me to do it because somebody in the house is awake all the night talking on the cell phone chatting and I have to stop this.
    Please suggest something for me in private in the email I give you which is under here. Thanks

  4. sir.. its a very interesting project but if the user or party owner wants a particular number of friends in the party so when it reaches the threshold it locks the door or restrict movement inside.. how will it be done

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