Simple Electronic Random Number Generator Circuit using 555 and 4026

Electronics is all about fun if you know how to enjoy it, you can make big things happen with simple logic. Here is another simple and entertaining circuit for electronic hobbyists, this simple game circuit will randomly generate a single digit number upon pressing the push button, you may predict a number and press the button and check if it’s correct or not. This can be helpful for lottery draws, lucky coupon draws, playing prediction games and also other practical applications. This circuit has been prepared based on a request by one of our CG readers.

Before going onto the details, let me give you the simple idea behind the random number gen and it would be a lot better if you would have a look at our previous post of 4026 digital counter circuit to which this is very much related. The main components used for our electronic random number generator hardware are the common 555 and 4026 ICs. We have a 555 timer IC configured in astable mode to supply very high frequency clock pulses for the 4026, which is simply a decade counter IC for counting from 0-9. When the 555 clock is disabled with a push button then it pauses the counting and displays the present count digit. See how simple it is…!

As explained in detail in our old 4026 counter circuit, you can extend the digits by increasing 4026 IC and displays.

Electronic Random Number Generator Circuit Diagram

Electronic random number generator

Componets Required:

  1. IC 555
  2. IC 4026
  3. Resistor (1K x3 )
  4. Capacitor (1uF)
  5. Seven segment (Common Cathode)
  6. Push button


  • The reset pin of 555 is connected to ground through a 1K resistor to keep it in reset condition, so no pulses will be generated in this state.
  • When the push button is pressed it will be activated and starts generating pulses.
  • The output of astable multivibrator is connected to the clock pin of 4026 IC counter which will count the number of clock pulses.
  • Here the frequency of pulses is so high that it can’t be see on the display, to see it you have to stop the pulses.
  • When you release the push button, clock will stop and now you can see the current count. This is actually what happens here.
  • As said earlier, you can increase the number of digits by cascading 4026.

Hope you liked this one, and let us know if you have any queries through comments below.

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