Android App Home Automation via Bluetooth Using PIC16F628A Microcontroller

We have been posting several latest and advanced PIC microcontroller based projects and here is another wonderful wireless home automation project for Engineering/ Diploma students, Android Bluetooth Home Appliances Control System. Android phones are very popular today due to their limitless possibilities, have you thought about controlling your home appliance from your android phone via Bluetooth?

This electronics engineering project is capable of controlling home appliances using your android device over Bluetooth. Only you have to install an android application in your android phone or tablet, then you can switch ON or OFF any electrical appliances by simply touching the screen of your android phone.

Though there are many home automation apps available in PlayStore we’re gonna use Arduino Bluetooth Control. This App supports a maximum of eight devices to control, even it can be a high power water pump motor. I have been using this system in my office to control appliances like PC, A/C*, Room Light, Plug etc. So be ready guys let’s build app controlled appliances.


Circuit Schematics of Android Home Automation Project

Circuit diagram of android home phone system is given below.

Bluetooth_Android_Home_Appliances_Control_Circuit Diagram

Components Required for Bluetooth Home Appliances Control System

  1. Arduino Bluetooth Control App
  2. PIC16F628A
  3. Bluetooth Module HC-06 or HC-05
  4. Relay (12V x6)
  5. Crystal (20MHz)
  6. Capacitor (33pf x2; 10µF)
  7. Resistor (10K)
  8. IC ULN2003A
  9. Push Button

Working of Android Home Automation Project

  • This smart home system using android application is built around PIC16F628A microcontroller to make the system smaller to accommodate inside a switch board case.
  • To connect android device with our embedded smart home automation system we use a HC-05 or HC-06 Bluetooth module.
  • In the app, you can see eight device buttons. Names of these buttons can be edited as per your requirement like FAN, LIGHT, A/C*, MOTOR*, HEATER*, etc. and configure the App (see section configure Bluetooth App)
  • After launching the application you can connect your android tab or mobile device with the Bluetooth module using the default pass key “1234”.
  • As the connection is established you can press the buttons, so it will send letters via Bluetooth, it will be available in the TX pin of Bluetooth module which is connected to RX pin of microcontroller.

(* For high current equipment use high current handling relays)

Program Execution for Android Home Automation

  • In our home automated system circuitry PIC will continuously check if any serial data is received, which will be stored on a variable ‘A’. Then a ‘switch’ function is used to control the output pins at PORT B.
  • I have used PORTB to connect devices via relay driver IC ULN2003A. Switching of devices is done by relays, which driven by IC ULN2003A,
  • Two pins of PORTB (RB1 and RB2) are used for serial communication and remaining pins are used to connect devices.
  • So totally we used only six pins to control devices, since the app has eight device options you can use PORTA upon requirement.
  • For the first device, by pressing button the App will send capital letter ‘A’ to the Bluetooth module. It will make PORTB 0th Pin (RB0=1) to HIGH hence turning ON the corresponding relay.
  • If you press the button again App will send small letter ‘a’ to the Bluetooth module. It will make PORTB 0th Pin (RB0=0) to LOW hence turning OFF the corresponding relay.
  • For the remaining buttons also it will send B, C, D, E, F, G and b, c, d, e, f, g
  • Another advantage of this project is that the App has provision to switch ON devices for a preset time. With this facility you can fully automate the system.
  • There is a button to switch ON timer for each device switches, time can be set from one minute to 4 hour.
  • Application will automatically send OFF command to the system by making an alert.
  • Appliances are connected to relays, which handle high current devices, the load that can be handle by the relay is depend on relay used. If you use 30A relay you can switch 30A devises.

Configure Android Bluetooth App for Android Home Automation

Now lets see how do you configure Arduino Bluetooth Control App for this project. Download App from here.

Arduino Bluetooth Control App

There is no pre configuration required for this App, just edit the name of Switches to Light, Fan, AC so on and so far..

Arduino Bluetooth Control Configuration

Android Home Automation Project Program (Hi-Tech C)

This is a simple yet powerful Engineering project. Program code is available at CG_Program_Store for cheap price as we spend more time for developing program codes.

Please visit CG_Program_Store (see number 15) to buy this code.

Is it a suitable project? Yah…! home automation do it yourself.. I hope this could be your academic project. Don’t forget to like our facebook page and share. We welcome your comments and feedback.

39 thoughts on “Android App Home Automation via Bluetooth Using PIC16F628A Microcontroller

  1. Hi I ame looking for the Firmware/Hexfile of this project
    – Android App Home Automation via Bluetooth Using PIC16F628A Microcontroller –

    Cannot find it in the CG Program Store !!

  2. Hi,
    Have made the kit & the bluetooth also got paired with the app but the relays are not working pls do help me awaiting revert from asap thanks.

    • Hello Ketan,
      You have to burn the program into the PIC16F628A microcontroller for the complete functioning of the kit.

  3. And 10uf cap used in parallel with switch is electronic or disc ceramic and if we press swicth positive & negative will be shorted kindly help me pls asap the relay r not working bluetooth is connected what shall i do now i want this to get work.

  4. Hi,
    I did this project on General purpose PCB and fixed at my Home.
    Working fine as it claims.
    One of the finest and simplest website I have seen with prompt support.
    Thank a lot.

  5. Hi sir,i couldn’t make the payment,it keep on rejecting,any other way for me to transfer the money ? please Help

  6. hello,

    I wanna make a project on on lm 35 temperature sensor by using pic c compiler having pic 16877a and wanna show reading of temperature on lcd. also wanna set 2 set point so a led can be blow up when temperature reaches that set point . can you help me for its programming .

    • Hi Yuvraj,
      Yes this circuit is working practically.
      I have assembled it in general purpose pcb and fixed it in my home inside switch box before two months.

    • Hi Richard chelsea
      Buy Program from the program store and compile it after changing the device to PIC16F877A using MPLAB IDE , also change the configuration word to __CONFIG(0x2F02); in the program.

  7. hey, i would like to ask what is the use of reset button? also since i hv purchased 16f877a, can i use this pic? Is there any changes in hardware assembling, then? since 16f877a have 40 pins. Also i hv already developed the android application but facing problem here in this hardware part. plz tell me how to assemble this same hardware with pic16f887a or i would rather purchase pic16f628a. Reply A.S.A.P

    • Hi Himanshu Gangwar
      Reset button used to reset the Micro controller, ie restart the program from initial.
      You can use PIC16F877A but all the pin numbers are different, but port will not change and the program we written for PIC16F628A, you can change it when compiling.

  8. Hey Yaseen,
    Thanks for helping. One more thing would you please tell me how to configure hardware or circuit for this change of pic. Means pic16f877a has 40 pins how to make connection to this pic?

  9. Hi, I’m Raktim from Bangladesh. I want to make this interesting project but how can purchase your source code or hex file ? How can I send money to your account ? Please help me.

  10. Android App Home Automation via Bluetooth Using PIC16F628A Microcontroller Required program codes name and connecting bluetooth moduler hc05/hc06 are required or not required program codes.

  11. Hi, I’m Naeem from Pakistan. I want to make this interesting project but how can purchase your source code or hex file ? I have no cradit/drbit card ? Please help me.

  12. Hi I am looking for the Firmware/Hex file of this project
    – Android App Home Automation via Bluetooth Using PIC16F628A Microcontroller –

    Cannot find it in the CG Program Store !!

    what is the process I am form Karachi Pakistan

  13. Hi, I’m Naeem from Pakistan. I want to make this interesting project but how can purchase your source code or hex file ?

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