How to make a computer controlled Robot Project Using PIC16F877A?

After a short break, we’re back to the DIY robot projects series and I am sure you’ll love this one too. Before that I suggest you to go through all our earlier simple robotics projects for engineering students as well. This time, major difference is the added security to access the robot; you can control the robot only after you speak your password.

The robot can move in four directions and can be controlled wirelessly from PC. PC has seven push buttons to control the robot forward, backward, Right, Left, Stop, Open and Close. Robot will move only after recognizing the voice password. It will also send SMS to the owner’s mobile number if an unknown person is trying to access robot. Moreover it’s also capable of opening and closing a door.

So let’s see how to make computer controlled robot for your project in detail.

Circuit Diagram

how to make a computer controlled robot

Computer controlled door circuit
Door receiver circuit

Components Required

  1. PIC16F877A x2
  2. RF Module
  3. GSM Module
  4. IC L293D x2
  5. IC HT-12E  Encoder
  6. IC HT-12D Decoder
  7. Resistor 1K, 33K, 750K
  8. Capacitor 33pf x4
  9. Robot kit
  10. LCD 2×16
  11. DC gear motor 100 rpm x2
  12. Crystal 16.934 MHz x2
  13. Push button
  14. 12V 1.2Ah battery

Working of the project

  • There are three modules used here in this project, one software module and two hardware modules.
  • One of the Hardware modules is connected with PC which is connected with GSM and RF modules. GSM module is used to send SMS to the owner’s mobile number in case an unknown person is trying to access the robot or open the door.
  • RF module is used to communicate with the robot wirelessly; HT-12E encoder and HT-12D decoder are also used to ensure noiseless wireless communication.
  • The other hardware module is connected to robot with 12V battery and 2×16 LCD used to display the movement status and authentication status.
  • In the software module MATLAB is used. After recognizing the voice, it will automatically send letter ‘Y’ which will be received on the first hardware module connected to PC. PC will send data to the data pin of HT-12E encoder as ‘1’ via PORTC.
  • Robot module receives the RF signal which is then decoded by HT-12D. Then the decoded data is sent to PORTC of the PIC connected with the robot, thus robot receives ‘1’ and understands that the voice is recognized.
  • After recognition by the robot, it will break the fist loop and will be ready to receive the signal to move in any direction.
  • MATLAB will send letters for each direction when any button is pressed, it also has open and close buttons.
  • Door driving system is connected with first module and L293D motor driver IC, when pressing button ‘O’ it will open the door and close when ‘C’ is pressed.
  • Actually MATLAB is sending letters when we are pressing buttons but robot will accept it only after getting a ‘1’.
  • The hardware connected with PC will receive serial data, and then it converts it in to parallel data and send it trough HT-12E encoder via RF transmitter.
  • RF receiver will receive the data and convert it into parallel and then feed it to PIC, it will drive motor depend on the parallel data (0001, 0010, 0011, 0100, 1000, 1001, 0111), these received parallel data are connected to PORTC of PIC.
  • Actually PORTC of PIC has 8 bits but HT-12D has only 4 bits, this is compensated by simply grounding the last four bits (MSB) of PORTC.

I hope this computer controlled robot project will help you academically. Don’t forget to leave your comment below.

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