Arduino Simulator: Simulate Arduino in Proteus Using Arduino Protius library

Hi there! Today let’s make an Arduino project without having real Arduino board! Yes, the simulation of Arduino in Proteus by using Arduino Protius library. We have already seen Arduino programming in some of my previous articles. Arduino is becoming popular day by day among Electronics Engineers, Teachers and Students because of its simplicity. Unfortunately there is no simulation tool available for Arduino developers. To test and verify the Arduino codes we must have Arduino microcontroller board. The Arduino board is available at a reasonable price, its cost isn’t much higher and is affordable for students and Arduino developers. That may be the reason behind the unavailability of Arduino simulator. Anyway it doesn’t matter. Most of the electronics geeks like to run their simulation lab before practical implementation, I’m also among them.


Many of our visitors asked doubts regarding Arduino Proteus simulation. Well, we will have a look at Arduino simulation by Proteus. Proteus is very popular circuit simulation software. Arduino library has been developed for incorporating Arduino with Proteus. let’s check how to simulate Arduino with Proteus.

Tools Required

  1. Arduino Software: Download from here
  2. Proteus Simulator

Simple Steps to of Arduino code simulator using Proteus

1. Write Arduino Codes in Arduino Software IDE
Well, I’m providing a simple LED blinking program for our simulation. Write the following program in Arduino IDE software. Arduino program structure is really simple, let’s see one example.
[cc lang=‘C’]
void setup()

void loop()
2. Build .hex file from Arduino Software
Go to File → Preferences
There will be one 2 check box near to ‘Show verbose output during’, please check the first one.
Now click Compile button.
Compilation yields .hex file, go to the directory location marked above (may be different location in your case), this is the location of your .hex file. Copy the file and keep it in a safe location.
3. Configure Arduino Protius Library Files
We are turning the Proteus as a Simulator for Arduino with the help of Arduino Preoteus library files.
Download Arduino Protius library from here, then copy and paste the 2 library files (ARDUINO.IDX, ARDUINO.LIB) in to LIBRARY folder of Proteus.

LIBRARY location of Proteus may be different according to your Proteus version.
Proteus 8 Users
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 8 Professional\LIBRARY
Proteus 7 Users
C:\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 7 Professional\LIBRARY

I’m using Proteus 8

4. Draw schematics in Proteus
Draw the required schematic diagram of Proteus that you would like to Simulate, you can choose the Arduino board from the menu.
In our example I’m using LED blinking program and my schematics is shown below.
5. Load the .hex file to Proteus
To load .hex file to the Arduino board, just double click on the board and browse the .hex file in the Program File section.
Everything is ready to go! Run the Simulation now. You can see the simulated output of the Arduino Program, watch the video for my simulation output.

Video Demonstration of Arduino Proteus Simulation

I have prepared a quick video demo for the Arduino simulation that will cover all the sections described above.

Hope you guys have enjoyed Arduino simulation tutorial. Now run your Arduino programs and codes absolutely free without any hardware. Please support us by clicking the like button in our Facebook page and don’t forget to share.

In next article I will be treat you another cool Arduino project, till then see you!

14 thoughts on “Arduino Simulator: Simulate Arduino in Proteus Using Arduino Protius library

  1. Hi there,

    I got the next problem,
    I work for a longer time with the Proteus software and I had never problems with it. now I download the Arduino Lib, to install no problems with it. I can make a schematic in Proteus and upload a hex-file. So far so good. I can test my Ardiuno programm, but when I stop the simulation I get an fatal error: Internal Exception: access violation in module ‘UNKOWN’. the session of Proteus will stop en I have to start Proteus again.
    Can you solve the problem I have.

    Thanks in advanced,

    Marcel Sjardijn

  2. आप का मदद के लिए बहुत धन्यवाद ।
    भगवान आपका भला करे।

  3. I wish to interface LM35 temperature sensor, 16X2 LCD and a sim900 gsm module with uno board. Are all these components available in proteus simulator. Kindly help if not.

  4. I am doing project “WIRELESS WEATHER MONITORING SYSTEM”using arduino uno, GSM sim900a, LCD 16×2, temperature and humidity sensor dht11…now I request yourgood self to please provide me a program that will display current temperature and humidity on LCD. also if we send SMS from any mobile number to a mobile number of simcard that is in GSM to send current temperature or humidity it must send back SMS to the mobile number from which it received SMS with current temperature or humidity..

  5. i’m doing a project using arduino IDE, for the project entiteled “bluetooth controlled(controlled with a laptop computer using bluetooth modulator) self driving car”,if possible i need to have a detail circuit demonstration of the system using proteus lab……..

  6. Its okk All run but the
    I will try LCD interfacing with Ardunio with proteus 8
    It cant run
    So pls Fix my problem

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