Getting Started with Arduino- Everything You Need to Know About Arduino

Hi Geeks! It’s a long time since I made a post in CircuitsGallery. Due to the tight duty schedule I was unable to catch you regularly. By the way today I’m gonna to introduce one amazing electronics prototyping platform called ARDUINO. Many of you already aware about this wonderful electronics development platform. Of Couse this is designed to meet Electronics hobbyists and geeks. I strongly recommend this tool for Engineering students those who are looking for to study embedded systems. Arduino is open source and absolutely FREE! That sounds greater… Basically Arduino boards are built around Atmel’s Atmega series micro controllers or ARM micro controllers. Due to its popularity and ease of use it turns to be the favorite microcontroller for all. This is an introduction Arduino tutorial covering basics and history of Arduino.


What Is an Arduino Board?

  • An Arduino is a circuit board that has a Atmel’s Atmega chip on it that can be programmed to do many different things. You can read information form sensors like LDS, Motion sensors, GPS receiver etc. It has of two principal parts 1) Arduino board, which is the hardware section that you work on. 2) Arduino IDE, the portion of software for programming Arduino.
  • You can also have sensor values goes right in to your computer for storing or processing external data received.
  • Arduino code can be uploaded to the Arduino board with the help of free software by USB. USB programming capability makes Arduino more flexible.
  • You can reprogram the code over and over…
  • The Arduino programming language is an execution of Wiring, a standardized physical computing platform, which is based on the Processing multimedia programming environment.
  • Arduino is cross platform– The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Arduino is runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • There is so much you can do with Arduino, it’s kind of incredible.


  • Robotics made easy with Arduino… Why are you waiting? Buy one Arduino board and start your work shop today with cool Arduino projects.

Why Arduino?

  • There are different kinds of Microcontrollers are available, but why Arduino is so popular? Arduino reduces the method of working with microcontrollers and it suggest some benefits for teachers, students over other systems. At all, Arduino delivers a hassle free environment to develop embedded codes and project.
  • While comparing to other Microcontroller Arduino has many advantages, of course these features brings Arduino more popular.

Easy to use: Arduino environment is very easy to learn and develop hence Beginners can realize thing rapid manner. Set in from the margin for teachers and students.

Open source IDE: The software by which the Arduino can be programmed is FREE for all platforms. You can download it from the Arduino website. Other MCU platform required paid software to run and upload program codes for example Mikro C for PIC.
Download Arduino software

Inexpensive: Arduino boards are fairly cheap compared to other microcontrollers. You may assemble Arduino board by yourself or it is available to buy with a cost of less than $30.
Visit Arduino store

Flexible program code and uploading: The embedded codes of Arduino are so simple and IDE provides reliable way to upload data to the Microcontroller.

History of Arduino

  • The Arduino, revolution of open hardware, was born in Ivrea, Italy. The name Arduino came from the name of one of their kings King Arduin who ruled in the year 1002 AD.
  • The board Arduino developed by Massimo Banzi and team (David Cuartielles, Tom Igoe, Gianluca Martino, and David Mellis.). David A. Mellis was the chief software developer of Arduino IDE.

Read more about Arduino development history

Build Your Arduino Lab

This article is just an introduction to Arduino and its features. In our upcoming articles I would like to share more circuits based on Arduino. In order to start your Arduino labs get the following requirements.

  1. PC or Laptop (Windows, Linux or Mac)
  2. Arduino board: Have look through the Arduino store and buy one suitable kit for your development or assemble one Arduino kit by yourself.
  3. Arduino Software: IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for your coding and uploading program to Arduino chip. Download Arduino software from here.
  4. USB cable

For more information regarding Arduino you may please check Arduino official website

Be ready with these tools, my next article will be a DIY Arduino projects called Digital Clock with Alarm using Arduino. It is a best Arduino projects for beginners. Till then check out some of our Electronics projects and DIY stuffs.

3 thoughts on “Getting Started with Arduino- Everything You Need to Know About Arduino

  1. Yes sir i dont’ Know about Microprocessor…. because i cannot do a c program..But i think because of arduino i can do this easily………

  2. Yes sir i dont’ Know about Microprocessor…. because i cannot do a c program..But i think because of arduino i can do this easily………
    Thank u sir……..

  3. i do now arduino IDE well,also i am doing a project using arduino,what i need to now right now is how to load arduino c to proteus.

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