Project for Electronics and Communication: Automatic Road Sign Detection, Recognition and Commanding System

At colleges, its busy time now as I can see lot of my friends running around to get their engineering major projects approved (Luckily mine got approved 🙂 ; I’ll will be publishing it later).

We have also got mails requesting good electronics projects for engineering students. Here at we already have a fine collection of mini project on electronics and communication. You can browse them to see if any of them suits your requirements.

So on this occasion, I would like to present you with good microcontroller based final year projects. If your confidence level is good enough, then I bet you can easily do this project for electronics and communication by yourself. To make things easier, I have uploaded all the necessary files like hex file, etc.

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road sign detection system circuit

This system is designed to detect sign boards on the road and give out the related audio commands. Moreover, it display the information on the display connected to the system. Also with the application of additional systems, speed of the vehicles can be controlled automatically.

The main part of this system is a PIC Micro controller (PIC16F877A), which controls overall operations of the system. A LCD display is used to display information about the driving area, a MP3 player is used to command the signals and RF transmitters are used for the detection of sign boards.

It can be implemented in any vehicles as it reduces the inattention of the drivers and ensures safe driving.

Circuit Diagram

road sign board detection circuit
Click on the circuit for enlarged view

Components Required

  1. PIC16F877A
  2. LCD Display (2×16)
  3. MP3 player module
  4. Amplifier board
  5. RF Transmitter and Receiver
  6. IC HT12E
  7. IC HT12D
  8. IC 7805×5 (Depend on the no of signs used)
  9. Transistor BC548
  10. Bridge IC
  11. Crystal (20MHz)
  12. Capacitor(1uF/16V,33pfx2,1000uF/25V)
  13. Resistor(33K,750K,1K,x2)
  14. 9V Battery connecter x4
  15. Doted PCB Boards
  16. Speaker
  17. Transformer 0-12V/1A
  18. 9V Batteriesx4
  19. USB socket (available with MP3 module)
  20. ON/OFF switches
  21. Power code wire

Working of the system

  • Each of the sign board requires a RF Transmitter which sends RF signals continuously.
  • Along with the RF Transmitter a serial encoder IC HT12E is used, which sends a particular data depending on its data input.
  • A RF Receiver is fitted onto the vehicle to receive signals from the sign board and the serial decoder IC HT12D connected to it decodes the sign board data.
  • The received data is identified and interpreted by the micro controller which selects the particular command for that sign board.
  • Commands may be stored on pen drives or memory cards connected to the MP3 player. PIC Micro controller selects the command by the help of MP3 player. The commands stored should be in supported format (MP3).
  • The first mp3 command should be blank (no sound) and each one should be numbered as 1,2,3…..etc. Numbering helps to select particular command by the microcontroller.
  • For the command selection, 3 signals are mainly used- “Previous”, “Pause” and “Next”.
  • PIC is connected with MP3 player with these signals, for that we use PORTC.0, and PORTC.1 and PORTC.2( PORTC.0 means first bit of PORTC).
  • PORTC.3 is also used here to reset the decoder IC HT12D, which no built in reset pin we use a transistor BC 548 to switch its power to reset the IC.
  • Let’s suppose the vehicle is moving, when it reach next to a (50 meters) sign board the receiver in the vehicle receives the RF signal, then the decoder decodes the corresponding sign board signal and is fed to the micro controller. Microcontrollers then checks the data, sends data to LCD for displaying and also select the command corresponding to the sign board. The command selection is done by using the three signals as explained above.

Command Selection

  • Microcontroller identifies the command required for a particular sign board.
  • When the system is switched ON, after 5 seconds microcontroller will pause the first command (blank).
  • After identification, it sends the signal “next” to MP3 player to select the particular command. It sends two clocks for each command selection.
  • After selection it waits 5 seconds to play the command, then sends the “previous” signal to select the first command and it’s again paused with “Pause” command.
  • The number of clocks required for each command depends on the name stored in pen drive or SD card.


  • An amplifier and speaker system is used to amplify the voice output from MP3 player.
  • Mp3 player has three analog outputs: right, left and analog ground.

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  • We require only analog ground and any one of right or left , which is connected to the amplifier.
  • Any suitable speaker can be connected to the amplifier to get the voice output.


  • The number of transmitters depends on the number of sign boards.
  • While connected on the sign board, it can be powered by battery on any other sources like solar.
  • Here we use widely available RF transmitters and receivers whose range is about 50 meters, so the vehicle receiver commands when it reachs around 50 meter.


  • A 2×16 LCD display is used here to display the command corresponding to a particular sign board.
  • Display is controlled by the microcontroller, it’s set to show “Drive care” when the receiver is at rest.

In this project, use MIkro C compiler. Program is given below; don’t hesitate to ask if you’re not clear with a particular program code.

PIC Microcontroller Program Code

Please visit our Program Download Center to get the PIC program.

I hope this project was useful to someone. In future we’ll be coming up with more interesting list of major projects for electronics and communication. You can also send your projects to use as it may help someone. All the best for your projects!

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