Top 10 Simple 555 Timer Projects Kits for Students

Today Electronic project for school students are an essential part of their academics. These educational science experiments for kids boost their skills and analytic power rapidly to a great extend. But most of the parents and students are worried on how to make science projects for school. By considering this situation, CircuitsGallery presents awesome science projects along with science fair circuits board set up! All of these are IC 555 based projects and small electronic circuits.

The 555 timer IC is one of the widely used low cost and highly stable ICs among many electronic components and different kinds of timers. The main applications of 555 ICs are Square wave generation (Astable multi vibrator) and single pulse generation (Monostable multivibrator).

Typical 555 timer IC can provide time delays from milli seconds to hours. It was introduced by Signetics in 1971. Today in an approximate calculation around 1 billion units are manufactured per year. Due to the unique features, 555 IC is found in many hobby circuits, more over electronics beginners can start their workshop easily on this timer IC.

CircuitsGallery already discussed about many 555 timer projects. So here we are going to give you the simplest top ten 555 timer IC projects for school students and electronics hobbyists.

Top ten 555 timer Projects

Detailed descriptions of top 555 timer projects working are also given. These projects are also top 555 timer projects for beginners.

1. Electronic Mosquito, Insect Repellent Circuit Using 555 IC

Electronic Mosquito, Insect Repellent Circuit Using 555 IC

555 timer is a perfect oscillator when it is configured as Astable multi vibrator. In this mosquito repellent circuit we are making use of certain frequency to drive away the mosquitoes. Insects can be prevented by special spectra of audio sound frequencies in the ultrasonic (above 20 KHz) range.

It is very easy to generate Ultrasonic sound frequency with 555 timer IC by configuring it as Astable multivibrator with suitable selection of resistors and capacitor.

Such ultrasonic sounds aren’t audible to human beings but irritates insects and hence they are repelled back. Basically it is a 555 timer ultrasonic circuit.

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Electronic Mosquito, Insect Repellent Circuit Using 555 IC

2. Remote Control Light Circuit Diagram Using 555 Timer

Remote Control Light Circuit Diagram Using 555 Timer

It is wonderful if you could control the light with your own remote controller circuit, isn’t it? Here is the circuit for that!

One of the best applications of 555 timer is used here, that is Monostable multivibrator mode. If 555 IC is wired in Monostable multivibrator mode it will produce a square pulse whenever you apply a trigger to the 2nd pin with a low (1/3 Vcc) voltage.

In our remote controller circuit we have used a TSOP – IR Receiver module (costs around RS: 15/- only). It receives IR signal from any remote controller (for example TV remote, DVD player remote, etc.) and triggers the 555 IC.

Upon receiving this trigger 555 produces a square pulse that may give a clock to the next toggle Flip-Flop circuit. Output of toggle flip-flop is interconnected to relay circuit for interfacing electrical bulbs.

For the first clock the flip-flop is set HIGH and remains there until it receives next trigger from the remote. According to the flip flop output, bulb turns ON and OFF.

For detailed circuit diagram and working please check out the following link
Remote Control Light Circuit Diagram Using 555 Timer

3. Automatic Water Tank Level Controller

Automatic water level Controller

This is one of the most popular circuit in and is especially suitable for Engineering mini projects. It can automatically switch ON and OFF the domestic water pump set with respect to the tank water level.

The implementation task is too simple and this will work amazingly. Project consists of 3 wires which are used to sense the current level of water inside the tank.

The heart of our circuit is a 555 timer. Here it is working neither as monostable nor astable, the 555 is configured as a controllable flip flop which will set and reset back according to the correct inputs from the sensor probes. Output from 555 IC is fed to the relay driver transistor and relay allows us to connect the electrical pump set.

The detailed working and animated circuit are given in the following link.
Automatic Water Tank Level Controller using 555 Timer

4. Clap Switch Circuit using NE555 timer IC

Clap Switch Circuit using NE555 timer IC

How to control a bulb with the clap of your hand? Is it possible?

Of course possible via our Clap Switch circuit. You may turn ON and OFF a bulb with a clap only! Interesting na?

This circuit is almost similar to Remote Controlled lamp circuit, the only difference is it uses an Audio signal instead of IR signal for triggering the 555 IC.

Here also the 555 is configured as Monostable multivibrator which is triggered by a simple amplifier. Any sound signal captured by the MIC is amplified and applied as trigger input of 555 timer IC.

After receiving this trigger 555 clocks the toggle flip flop and the output lamp section is interconnected to the flip flop via relay driver, thus output bulb glows with respect to the state of flip flop.

For detailed circuit diagram and working please check out the following link
Clap Switch Circuit using NE555 timer IC

5. Burglar Alarm Circuit for Your Home Security

Burglar Alarm Circuit for Your Home Security

Home security systems are really expensive to implement and it is a complicated task.

But electronics hobbyists may play with different security alarms and home security systems of their own. Here comes such a Burglar Alarm Circuit built around 555 timer IC.

This circuit utilizes the Monostable multivibrator mode of timer IC. The triggering section is done by a Photo Diode and IR LED.

IR rays continuously strikes on photo diode and once any obstacle crossed the rays, the circuit gets triggered, hence producing alarm sound. Duration of the sound can be calculated using the 555 timer circuits monostable calculator tool.

The duration of alarm influenced by suitable selection of Resistor R1 and Capacitor C1. This circuit is really secure since IR rays are invisible to human eyes.

For detailed circuit diagram and working please check out the following link
Burglar Alarm Circuit for Your Home Security

6. Simple 555 Timer AM Transmitter Schematic for Science Fair Project

Simple 555 Timer AM Transmitter Schematic for Science Fair Project

Amplitude Modulation (AM) is a popular method of modulating signals, actually in this way we are mixing a low frequency signal to a high frequency carrier wave.

In AM, the amplitude of carrier wave is changed according to the amplitude of message signal there by increasing the energy of message signal so that we can transmit to distant areas.

As we discussed earlier 555 IC generates high frequency signals if it operates in Astable mode. External audio signal applied to this astable circuit and the amplitude of 555 pulses gets modulated due to the presence of external audio signal.

Basically the audio signal causes resetting of the IC, so no output at low amplitude levels and work normally at high amplitude of message signal.

You can receive and hear the audio signal via conventional radio by tuning to the AM range.

For detailed circuit diagram and working please check out the following link
Simple 555 Timer AM Transmitter Schematic for Science Fair Project

7. 555 Touch Sensor or touch switch

555 Touch Sensor or touch switch

You might probably know that single touch ON/OFF circuits are widely used in different control systems and home automation.

For the 1st touch the output load will perform its operation and for the next touch the load will shut down. The logic behind this control system is very simple and is easily achieved using 555 IC.

For the touch sensor circuit also 555 IC operates in Monostable mode. As the name indicates we need a “Touch Pate”, any metal plate can be served for this purpose.

Each touch is applied as trigger input to the monostable multivibrator and the output of 555 is taken as clock to the toggle flips flop as we explained earlier.

Each touch at the touch plate produces a single clock which will set and reset back the flip-flop. The output load is driven from the flip flop via a relay circuit.

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555 Touch Sensor or touch switch

8. 555 timer IC Inverter circuit

555 timer IC Inverter circuit

Are you interested to construct your own inverter for home? It’s really a fantastic idea that you build an inverter for your home in the case of power failure.

Here is the simple inverter circuit by 555 timer IC. The astable multivibrator mode operation of 555 timer applied here.

The AC oscillations from the IC are switched via transistor 2SC4029 to a transformer. Transformer will step up the signal to high voltage AC.

This is a low power inverter, can handle up to 60 Watt while using 10A transformer at the output.

For Inverter 555 timer circuits diagram please check out the following link
555 timer IC Inverter circuit

9. PWM LED Dimmer/ Brightness Control by 555 Timer

PWM LED Dimmer Brightness Control by 555 Timer

How to adjust the brightness of LEDs? Most of us think that’s possible by varying current by a potentiometer! Is it practical?

It is not a proper way of adjusting brightness of LEDs because LED is basically a diode, when the forward biased voltage exceeds its cut in voltage the LED will glow.

By reducing the voltage or current we cannot vary the brightness of LEDs. So what’s the solution? Here we are presenting one efficient method for this issue.

It is based on the principle Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) such that the brightness of LED is proportional to average value of square pulse from PWM generator. Here 555 acts as a PWM generator and we can vary the pulse width by tuning the pot.

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10. Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper System using 555 Timer

Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper System using 555 Timer

Have you seen Audi, Lexus or Ford rain sensing wipers and doubted how they work in these vehicles?

The technology behind this is very simple to implement via 555 timer. On these cars there is a sensor at the middle of glass. Of course, 555 IC works as Monostable multivibrator here.

Sensor could be nearby arrangements of Ground wire and probe from trigger pin of 555. A small water drop triggers the Monostable and followed by the activation of relay circuit. Wiper motor is connected to the relay which in turn runs the wiper.

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Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper System using 555 Timer

I hope the top 555 timer projects are explained here. Now you may realize the importance and unique features of 555 IC with wide range of applications in science projects electronic circuits.

Moreover many other circuits are also available with 555 timer. Please watch some of the science fair circuits videos from our Youtube channel.

We will post more circuits in CircuitsGallery so keep visiting.

Now let me know if any of this top 555 timer projects circuits helped you for the academics? Please comment here and also share top 555 timer projects tutorial for your friends.

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