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With the continuous support we are getting from our readers in the past years, we the i-St@rGroup team are thinking of introducing a new service.

It is our pleasure to announce that we have started an online STORE for buying electronics circuits and projects. 

It includes assembled electronics circuits, school projects ,college projects, electronics components, PCBs etc. at a reasonable rate and minimum home delivery time.

Buy electronic circuits online

What you can buy from here?

Our store is updated with wide varieties of circuits from school projects to engineering projects.

  • Science fair projects
  • Application circuits
  • DIY hobby circuits
  • Engineering Projects
  • Project kits
  • Development boards
  • Circuit components
  • PCBs
  • Circuits as per your requirements

And much more…

Simple electronics science fair projects for school students

Be the 1st in science fair projects! 

We have dedicated simple electronic projects for students for their science fair exhibitions and projects.You can select a suitable circuit from our gallery for your demonstration.

Electronic projects for kids

Just pay a small amount to us for the project, our team will provide online training and technical guidance for you to become the first among the science fair competitions and to win your science fair goals…

Science fair project includes,

  1. Assembled circuit on PCB
  2. Circuit diagram and detailed working description (pdf, docx format)
  3. Video demonstration
  4. PPT
  5. Customer support

Don’t miss, come and buy simple electronic projects for kids.

NB: We can send the PCB and components separately in case you need to solder it by yourselves.

Our Collection: Top 10 Science fair Electronics projects for School students

College level Mini and Major Projects

Students those who are perusing electronics degree should have to submit projects as per their academic needs.Tensed about your project?

Engineering projects

Here Circuits Gallery comes to help you! Our skilled circuit developers will take care about your project circuit, pay very cheap amount to us and wait for your project to reach your hand within few days…

Circuits as per your requirements

Moreover if your requirement does not come under any of the above categories, it is possible to get circuits according to your electronics projects ideas. Our team will design the circuit with optimum cost for you with 100% efficiency.

Our well-equipped i-St@r labs is there for your dream project. The purpose and specification must be stated in detail.

NB: Once you have sent us an order of this type, you should be active with your mail as repeated communication is required for understanding your need.

Why to buy circuit from us?

Here are some of the advantages you get when purchasing circuits from us:

  • All the circuits are passed quality testing under i-St@r labs.
  • Components are high quality and long life compared to ordinary electronics components.
  • User Manuals, Video, PPT and other offers.
  • Warranty and troubleshooting after purchase.

How to buy electronic circuits online?

Our online store is active now! It contain many circuits that will suit for you.

Payment mode

Following are our payment mode.

  1. Credit card
  2. Debit card
  3. Net banking
  4. Direct account deposit
For direct deposit, follow the bank address details
Account No         : 16300100031281
Account holder    : Abdul Jaseem VP
Bank IFSC          : FDRL0001630
Federal Bank, Karuvarakundu
Malappuram, Kerala, India

Contact us


We will providewarranty to all our circuits. More than warranty, we will be providing continuous troubleshooting support via mails if you face any issue with the circuit you have received.

At the extreme cases we can send a replacement if found to be genuine cause.

Customer support

Our customer care team will help you to trouble shoot your issues regarding the circuit and components via telephone or Skype.

15 thoughts on “Buy Circuits Online from CircuitsGallery

  1. i wanna to get a circuit that can understand the presence of any car and in presence of any . it can open a road barrier and after passing the check-post , it will close the barrier again . it may be laser sensed circuit that open the barrier .

  2. Dear sir i am taknisian in gujarat i required 24 volt6oo va complit squerwave inveter cerkit diagram with low battery and over load cut of use ic 3524 and lm324 and complite pcb desine and transformer datta and small size pcb you chargis please contact me my cell no 09537600700 and posible no preset use ……i am told only hindi i dont know english ….thanks

  3. pls i need the circuit and components for road sign. detection, recognition and commanding system. how much is it and how how will the delivery take?

  4. Hi there,
    I want to make motion sensored light/ fan control switch, using PIR motion sensors available at stores. I’ve made one by using just PIR motion sensor & relay. But some units in market are available with in much cheaper rate (total assembled unit) than i made. Can you design the cheapest solution for making such unit. i want to demo it in my college project. I’m ready to pay you, if you want.

  5. I need scaling circuit .consisting temperature sensor PT100 giving output voltage to corresponding temperature

    temperature range (0 -100 degree) which should give output 0 – 5 volt .
    At 0 degree it should give 0 volt
    At 100 degree it should give 5 volt

  6. I need Door bell having SD card.
    If i put 10-20 MP-3 Song in SD card, and bell is pressed then each time new tone should be played.
    This should work on AC power and battery as well.
    If Power OFF takes place then Bell should work on Battery.
    This device should also have 3.5 MM jack output.
    Please tell me the cost of this Product.
    I will also need circuit diagram of this product. If such product already available in India, please tell me site name to purchase it.

    Vijay Hire

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