Remote Controlled DC Motor for Toy Car Circuit Diagram

This is a simple hobby circuit of a remote controlled toy car. The main component used here is the IR sensor circuit consisting of TSOP. Using a TSOP IR receiver we can start and stop the DC motor vehicle. However this circuit has a small disadvantage that it can’t control the speed of DC car motor, rather it ON and OFF the small dc motors. Thus it is suitable for electronics beginners only.Once it is ON, the motor runs with a constant speed. No speed control circuits are discussed here. The advanced version of this circuit with PWM speed controller will be posted soon. You must need a regulated power supply of 5 volt to do this one because TSOP requires 5v for its operation. Below is the circuit diagram and working of remote controlled dc motor for car using T sop infrared detector circuit.
Note: TSOP voltage should not exceed 5V.

Circuit diagram of remote motor controller

Click on the circuit for enlarged view.
Remote+Controlled+DC+Motor Remote Controlled DC Motor for Toy Car Circuit Diagram

Components Required

  1. 9V Battery
  2. 7805 voltage regulator
  3. TSOP IR receiver
  4. IC 555
  5. IC 7474
  6. BC 548 Diode
  7. 1N4007
  8. Resistors (220KΩ, 100Ω)
  9. Capacitor (1μF)
  10. DC Motor

Circuit Working

  • Maximum voltage of TSOP and 7474 is 5v. So we are using a 7805 voltage regulator IC which provides 5V output.
  • The output of TSOP is always 5V, and the output will be zero when IR rays strike on it.
  • When the voltage at the 2nd pin goes below 1/3Vcc, output switches to high (5V) for the time interval T=1.1RC. After this time interval output returns to 0V.
  • 7474 is a D-flip flop. It is wired in Toggle mode. i.e Q’ to D input. 555 is used as clock generator here.
  • When it gets a clock pulse output goes high and remains in that state till the next pulse.
  • On receiving the next pulse output goes low and remain in that state till the next pulse.
  • This process will continue. Output of 7474 is fed to base terminal of BC 548/BC 187.
  • BC 548 is a driver transistor, when its base voltage is high current will flow through the load.
  • Here DC motor is the load and it will rotate only when the base voltage is high.
  • Diode Df is a free wheeling diode used to dissipate the stored energy in the inductor load.

Video demonstration

As per the request from some of our readers I have recorded a video showing working of the circuit. Watch it and enjoy.

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49 thoughts on “Remote Controlled DC Motor for Toy Car Circuit Diagram

    • Hi Ishtiaq,

      Maybe there’s some error with your connection or your components might not be working. Check that out. Soon we will come up with a video of working for you. Keep visiting…

  1. Dear sir, i want to make remot control dc motor circuit , but i have a question-where the circuit of remote controler of swich on /off, how to play this circuit?
    pls give me answres. thank u.

      This is the circuit of receiver section. You can use any remote controller for this, for example TV remote, DVD remote etc.
      Let me know if you have further doubts.

  2. sir you have make this circuit ….but which frequency you set?…and you have remote circuit……………please specify……………………..

  3. Hey there, You’ve done an incredible job. I will certainly digg it and personally
    recommejd to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this website.

  4. Sir, a few months ago i bough a remot control car. Now i have only its remot. how can i make car circuit? on body of remot a lable shown 40mhz . Plz show a full circuit diagram.

  5. Sir i built the circuit ,, but it doesn’t seems to be working ,, im using my tv remote ,,,,

    besides the circuit shown in the video looks completely different from the one shown in the schematic …. help

    here’s the pic of my circuit …. http://i.imgur.com/zIs4uq9.jpg

  6. Hello sir I saw your demo on youtube also. Sir you have to give remote circuit too. Because we have to practically. So please provide us..

  7. Hi great job

    it says in the description… The advanced version of this circuit with PWM speed controller will be posted soon. has this yet to be done?

  8. Sir, you have made nice circuit and I also want to copy it but I need two things
    1. an approximate cost for whole project and ;
    2. circuit for its remote.
    Hope you’ll reply soon.

  9. hullo …I have a receiver circuit board for a toy car ….but I can’t get to understand some of its parts because all its wires are broken …..will you please assist me with the interpretation of the signs and symbols used in the electrical world ..and exppain to me how the circuit z working …thank you ..my email is mugumeabby@gmail.com

  10. hello sir…
    My self Salman I dont know more about it but I’m very interested about it I can make remote control dc moter circuit with help of your given circuit digram and tutorial but sir I have some issue I can’t get how to make remote circut for your given circuit digram so pleaseeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz sir help me
    I hope you will rectangle my problem soon

  11. plz help me fraind i work for remont control car but my car remote rang low plz help and my car speed low fraind some advice my car speed super fast plz help

  12. Hello Admin, can plz post schematics and pcb layout in detail of transmitter and receiver to control 4 dc motors simultaneously.

  13. hello
    sir i respect for you how to make a wireless remote control toy car plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz help me sir plzzz plzz plzz plzzz

  14. Hi…..i am interested with dis circuit ,motor,remote,555,9volts……….IR….but can you give me a circuit diagram for sending & recieve through RF……..

  15. Hi.
    You say in the article “The advanced version of this circuit with PWM speed controller will be posted soon.” Can you say when this will be or has it already been done, if so where can I find it? I am thinking of building a remote control volume changer gizmo to use on my old stereo Hi-Fi amp. So I need the motor to move slowly in each direction only for as long as the appropriate volume-up volume-down button on the remote is held down.

    Unfortunately I can’t see a date anywhere on these pages so I don’t know how old this project is. Thank you.

  16. Hi i,am looking for a circuit diagram for childs ride in car , model XG999-6 wires have been pulled out from forward/back switch and rc/manual switch can you help please , a picture or diagram would be great , thanks Mic.

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