Would you like to learn PLC programming? In our previous article we have seen that what is PLC? Why it is used? Now we are going to discuss with how to get started with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)? Yes, CircuitsGallery (CG) providing you online free PLC training courses. Our CG lab is equipped with the popular PLC system from OMRON. Now let’s start our PLC classes to become a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programmer. This article will give you the basic configurations and hardware parts of OMRON PLC; it is simply a familiarization of PLC.
OMRON’s Sysmac CQM1 PLC is a perfect platform for those of you who are looking to attain real-time experience on PLC programming. We use CX-Programmer as OMRON PLC programming software to do PLC ladder logic. The work online PLC simulator option in OMRON PLC will allow you to test and simulate your own PLC-based projects. This is an OMRON PLC manual for free online PLC training.

Different parts of an OMRON PLC

How to setup your OMRON PLC- Inserting power supply card

In order to work with PLCs you need a power supply circuit (24V). Sysmac CQM1 PLC comes with dedicated Power supply card. Attach the power supply card to CPU at the left side as shown below


then fix the Lock button. Now the PLC is ready with power, you can connect either 110V or 230V supply via this power supply card.

Inserting I/O cards

Sysmac CQM1 PLC have an integrated input card,

if you need more than 15 inputs you can insert additional input cards. There will be an auxiliary card to close the internal circuitry of PLC. To insert an Output card first you need to remove the auxiliary card as shown below.

Then insert the output card via the right side of PLC and lock it using lock button provided on both side as shown.

After that, attach the auxiliary card to close the internal circuitry. Now our PLC is ready with 1 integrated input card and 1 additional output card.

Power on your PLC

Turn ON the PLC power supply unit to start your PLC work shop!! After powering up, you will be able to see some indicator LEDs showing the status of active PLC.

  1. Status LED of power supply unit
  2. Status LED of PLC CPU
  3. Input status: There will be 15 LEDs each of which glows when corresponding input is active.
  4. Output status: Here also 15 LEDs which glows according to the specific active output.

Thus our OMRON PLC is ready to be program. Keep visiting CG for upcoming PLC tutorials.

Next PLC article: Interfacing PLC to computer, Introduction to CX-Programmer.


  1. i would like to learn all about PLC please help me . if i want to become a PLC programmer what shall i do first.a little bit i have a concept of PLC as well as how i can interface with machine

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