555 Timer Astable calculator for Astable Multivibrator Designing

We know that astable multivibrator is simply an oscillator circuit that produces continuous pulses without the help of any external triggering. The oscillation frequency and time period can be manually controlled through simple modification of resistors and capacitors i.e. by changing the values of R1, R2 and C1. You can use a 555 timer astable calculator tool to make your designing easier.

Astable 555 calculator for calculating Frequency and Time period

We had already discussed the 555 timer tutorial of astable multivibrator in detail with animation. Though we provided the design equation there, one of our reader Mr Dewanto asked:“I need Ton=3 seconds, and Toff= 15 minutes. how can I modify the capacitor then?“So we thought about creating an astable 555 timer calculator. With this 555 timer IC astable calculator you can calculate frequency, duty cycle (in percent), high and low output time periods to meet your requirements.

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11 thoughts on “555 Timer Astable calculator for Astable Multivibrator Designing

  1. Hi Jaseem. I am not able to see the calculator. I have a similar requirement as Mr. Dewanto. I want Ton for 5 seconds and Toff for 15 minutes, which is 900 seconds. I am a novice at this and I read somewhere that for such a long gap of 900 seconds, the circuit has to be different from a normal 1-5 second astable multivibrator.

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