Op amp 741 Non Inverting Amplifier Circuit with Simulated Waveform

Non-inverting amplifier is one of the most popular op amp circuits similar to op amp inverting amplifier circuit. It provides a gain to the input signal without any change in the polarity. If a sine wave is fed to the input of this op amp non inverting amplifier, the output will be an amplified sine wave with zero phase shift. Here the input is applied to the non inverting terminal of the op amp. The non inverting amplifier gain is given by the expression A=1+Rf/Ri where Rf is the feedback resistance and Ri is the input resistance. The input impedance of non inverting amplifier is extremely large, typically 100MΩ.

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Non inverting amplifier circuit diagram

Non inverting amplifier circuit

Components Required

  • 741 Op amp
  • Resistors(1kΩ,10kΩ)

Output Waveform


Non inverting amplifier waveform

Working of Non inverting Amplifier

  • The working of non inverting amplifier is similar to that of inverting amplifier except that the output has no phase shift.
  • The resistors Ri and Rf form a voltage divider network.
  • A negative feedback is provided by applying a little of output voltage to the inverting input terminal through the potential divider network Ri and Rf.
  • The voltage gain of the amplifier is determined by the ratios of Rf and Ri since Gain, A=1+Rf/Ri
  • So the amplitude of the output voltage signal can be varied by varying either of the resistors Rf or Ri.


Gain of non inverting amplifier, A=1+ Rf/Ri
Let the gain be 11 so that the ratio Rf/Ri=10. Take Ri=1k and Rf=10k

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