What is Java applet? How it is useful to study and simulate Electronics

Are you interested to study basic electronics principle and concepts, circuits with interactive animations? Yes, this is possible via java applet technology. What is java applet? A java applet is a program written in java programming language that can be integrated in a HTML page, in the same way as an image is incorporated in a web page.Java is a programming language which was developed at Sun Microsystems in 1990. Applets are used to make the website more dynamic and entertaining. They are designed to run inside a web browser and to perform some tasks such as animated graphics, simulation of circuits and interactive tools. To view a java applet, you need to install Java plug-in and Adobe Flash player (both download link are given).
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How a Java applet works?

When you are accessing the webpage that contains an applet, the Java applet’s code is transferred to your system and executed by the browser’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Applet is intended to run remotely on the client browser, so there are some limitations on it. Applet can’t access system resources on the local computer. This java applet tutorial also gives you the download links.

You can view embedded java applet and simple java applet examples in this site explaining basic electronics principle and concepts.

Java applet

Java applet in Electronics and circuit simulation (Animation)

Java applet is a beautiful platform for the demonstration of electronic concepts and circuits with real time animation. It is a great way to simulate simple circuits using a plain java enabled browser. You can work with components and different parts of an applet using your web browser. i-St@r gives you the opportunity to understand the concept of java applet in electronics.

Free download Java applet plug-in driver and flash player for browsers- Basic requirements to run a Java Applet

Java allows you to interact with basic electronics principles, view images in 3D and much more. To view and access a java applet in a website you need to install java setup once in your computer. Download link is given below.

Download Java Plug-in driver setup

Now you need to install adobe flash player, if you had already done flash player you can skip this step. Otherwise download from here

Get Adobe flash player

After the installation restart your web browser, then you will be able to see the java applets.

[Solved] Java applets not working-Troubleshooting

Check flash player is installed correctly. If you are running other than windows platform like MAC, Linux etc, choose your appropriate Java plug-in driver from the java web site. Link to the official website of java is shown below.

Official website for Java driver download

Download appropriate set up and enjoy…

Simple Java applet example: MOSFET

Java applet demonstration of Working of MOSFET 
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