Simple low power Inverter Circuit (12V DC to 230V or 110V AC) diagram using CD4047 and IRFZ44 power MOSFET

This simple low power dc to ac inverter (dc to ac converter) circuit converts 12V DC to 230V or 110V AC. By doing simple modification you can also convert 6V DC to 230V AC or 110V AC. It can be used as inverters for home needs to enable light loads (electric bulb, CFL, etc) at the time of electricity failure.

You can construct this circuit of simple inverter at a cheap rate with locally available components. Use a 12V rechargeable battery and battery charging circuit for this dc to ac inverter. We have already posted the circuit for battery charger.

Don’t forget to watch the demonstration video at the bottom of this article. I also recommend you to have a look into our latest SG3525 based inverter schematic.

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Circuit diagram of DC to AC Inverter Circuit

Simple DIY Inverter
(Click on the image for enlarged view)

Components required for DC to AC Inverter

  1. IC CD4047
  2. Resistors (1K, 18K, 100Ω- 0.5W x 2)
  3. Capacitor (0.22µF)
  4. 12V rechargeable battery
  5. Battery charger circuit(Published before)
  6. IRFZ44 MOSFET x 2
  7. Step Down Transformer (230V primary 12V-0-12V, 5A secondary) (110V to 12V-0-12V, 5A can also be used) NB:- Transformer connection inverted

Working of DC to AC Inverter

  • You must use a battery and battery charger to implement this inverter circuit. Battery charging circuit is described in our previous post.
  • The operating frequency of astable multivibrator is set to 50Hz.
  • The power MOSFETs IRFZ44 are directly driven by the Q and Q’ output of CD4047.
  • The power MOSFETs are connected in Push Pull configuration (Power amplifier). The MOSFETs will switch according to the pulse from CD4047 astable multivibrator.
  • Thus an AC voltage is transferred to the primary of transformer; it is stepped up to 230V.
  • The transformer used here is an ordinary step down transformer which is connected in inverted manner. That is, the primary of a 230V to 12V-0-12V step down transformer can be treated as secondary for this inverter project.
  • If you would like to get 110V AC, choose 110V to 12V-0-12V step down transformer in reversed way. (That is primary as secondary and secondary as primary)
  • The inverter output is filtered by capacitor C2.
  • Use suitable heat sinks for MOSFETs.
Here is the tested and verified inverter circuit that I have made, for those who doubt working of the circuit.  ;)

Pin out of IRFZ44 and CD4047 IC

427 thoughts on “Simple low power Inverter Circuit (12V DC to 230V or 110V AC) diagram using CD4047 and IRFZ44 power MOSFET

  1. if i connect the secondary wires of the transformer to the alternating current what will happen by plugin does the battery get automatically charged or not?

  2. I want to build this circuit for a simple application – to drive a small aerator for an extenal fishpond. Later, I will then add a small solar panel.
    When sourcing the resistors I came across a puzzle. Surely, the resistance is a property of the device independant of the voltage rating (within limits). When trying to source the variable resistor (trimmer or potentiometer) one of the specifications is the wattage rating. None of them that I have seen allow a 22k ohm resistance at 12 Volts. Am I being too clever (knowing Ohm’s Law)

    • Hi GAURAV,
      This circuit can handle 150 watts if 12.5A transformer is used.
      The circuit cost around Rs.190 without transformer. With 5A transformer it can handle 60 Watts.

      • Hi! Yaseen…
        This is Anindita Roy. I am not an electronics person…rather from mechanical engineering field. I want to make such an inverter for powering a desktop PC. Will it work? What capacity transformer will be needed? Are such inverters available in the market?

    • Hi Jithu,

      Overload will damage the MOSFET and it may get burst. As per the above circuit diagram, it can handle only upto 60 watts load. It can be increased upto a maximum of 150 watts if 12.5A transformer is used.

      • what should I add to the circuit if I want it to have an output greater than 150Watts, let’s say, 500Watts?…thanks in advance…

    • Hi Parth Patel
      You can use this circuit to operate fan but, Normally fan drawn 75 watts so you should use minimum of 7A transformer, 10A transformer is available.

  3. if i put 11w cfl bulb as load,what is the maximum hour of burning and what is the ah of the battery you have used in this circuit?

      • Hi sir
        iam a begginer i wanted to work on it as part of my project i may be wrong but even tbough
        we should be using centertapped step up Transformer ryt but why r c using a center tapped step down transformer

  4. Hello sir My Self Anand,
    Sir, Can I use 10A transformer to operate “one 18Watt bulb and one Fan”? and how long
    it will drive with this load? and one more thing why you repleced potentiometer with
    and the Battery Rating is “12V,9ah”.

    • Hi Anand,
      Nice to see you here. Yes 10A transformer can be used for operating the above mentioned things. With 12V,9Ah battery it can operate for less than 1 hour.

      We have replaced the pot with resistors for simplicity and to reduce the cost.

  5. How do I have to connect the output to obtain 12 volts AC?
    Can I obtain 3 volts AC by charging the circuit with 3 volts DC?
    The same for 16 volts? What would the range limits be?
    Thank you very much,

    • Hi,
      1)To obtain 12 volts AC, take output from Vcc and either of the drains of power mosfet after connecting transformer.
      2)Yes you can get 3volts AC like that.
      3)Min 3V and max 18 V
      But keep care to use exact matching transformers accordingly.

    • Hi Adarsh,
      Yes you can use 9v battery, but use 9-0-9 transformer. For better output high capacity batteries(high ah) are required. 9v high ah batteries are not commonly available.

    • It acts as a Switching component. It will pass current to the output transformer in a rate of 50Hz hence producing 50Hz AC signal.

      • Please I have a 12v 4ah battery and 12v-240v 1000MA transformer. Please what is the output power?.I made this circuit it works, but my question is that why is it that the output vary ? And how can I get a constant 240v output. .ADMIN KINDLY HELP TOO. THANKS

  6. Dear sir, can I use a 6V/4.5Ah battery?What changes I have to do with this circuit and what will be the back up time if I use it for a modem?

    • Hi sathyanthan
      1k and 18 k resistor are of 0.25 watt ,if power rating is not mentioned then it is by default 0.25 w

  7. Dear sir,
    How to connect this circuit with the charging circuit you mentioned above??? Is there any problem with doing charging and using the inverter circuit at the same time…

  8. Can you provide us with the schematic diagram of the connection of 6 MOSFET? I’ve been able to create this circuit and its 100% working. I even use 5v 2A charger as input and I been able to light up a 13watt cfl. I would like to light up at least 10ea of 13watts cfl without changing the 5a transformer, Is there anyway i could do this? I use IRF3205 MOSFET. please help me on this.

  9. sir ,
    please.. can u tell me the output frequency of ic4096?
    & wat is specific operation of mosfets?
    &mosfets may generally heat, ,, but u have not used any Heatsinks. . y?
    i was more intrested to do this as mini project..
    please help me….

  10. Sir can i use 12 volt 100 amp battery with this circuit? is higher current of battery affect the circuit?
    i want 500w inverter by this circuit if i connect more mosfet in parallel and transformer changed then can in this circuit work?

  11. hallo
    ur circuit is really helpful ,everything works just fine,
    i wonder how much watts does the circuit produce?
    and how can i increase the watts so i can power big things?

  12. Sir i have no battery for do this experiment. so i using stepdown 12-0-12/500ma transformer and converted into dc. this dc apply to the circuit is working or not….

      • ripples have to be removed to get a pure sine wave at the transformer’s primary end. in this circuit there is no such provision.then how the ripples are removed???? doesn’t it seems necessary? why?

  13. Why do i get short circuit?

    Ive checked my pcb by using connectivity test. And nothing is wrong on my ckt. But when i tap it into 12v DC battery. I get short circuit and the just sparks.

    • Hi Swamy,
      The price of electronics components may vary according to different locations. We had explained the components details in the post. Please note all components and inquire in any Electronics components retail shops.

  14. Sir i want to use a 40watt load on this circuit can you please tell me what capacity of transformer can be used and i will use12v 7 ah battery and i need the backup for atleast 2andhalf hours please help me out sir.

  15. Sir, i make this project but it can only produce i will get 230 v please could u reply as soon as possiable

    • Hi hardik
      It will reduce efficiency, base current of these power transistors are high so it require extra driving transistors.

  16. hello sir,
    i assembled the circuit on a breadboard and got the required output of 12v ac near the primary of transformer. but when i connect the transformer with the load i am getting the voltage of 70v. why does the voltage decrease when connected to the load?

    • Hi Rfiz
      You must use transformer of current ratting >5A and connect load of 60watt maximum, to increase power use high current transformers.

  17. i used a transformer of current rating 2A and the load that i connected was a 15w bulb. Why did the voltage reduce to 70v on the secondary side of the transformer?

  18. sir I made the circuit and the circuit gives 12v ac output put aftr connecting transformer its not giving me 230v output

  19. Hi sir..can i use 12-0-12. 3A transformer and dry cell instead of lead acid battery..or rectifier as an dc input..please reply me fast..

  20. Hello Sir, I have just bought the required components of above circuits 🙂
    But I have doubt will it work or not ,
    I have bought Transformer 12-0-12 V with 2 amp for Inverter, and separately bought a transformer of 15-0-15 V with 1 amp stands. Will it work ?
    I want to know that the purpose of Potentiometer in Charger ??? What does it purpose ??

  21. Can i build this circuit in any software?? I tried in multisim but i cant find CD4047 ic anywhere. Can you tell me in which software i can find ic CD4047. Please i need this badly..

  22. I am connecting the multimeter terminals to the battery while charging but buzzer doesn’t stop beeping and LED not glowing but while charging the terminals of the battery it is giving 12.4 v (charging in progress) and potentiometer doesn’t take any effect not even output voltage effect kindly help me.
    i am using 12V 30amp battery and transformer rating 15-0-15 (1 amp)

  23. if i want to use 6V battery what other modifications will i need to do, other than changing the transformer to one with a 6V secondary,

  24. Hi,
    First of all, thank you for the circuit. I wish to know what should I do with my circuit so I can receive 110Vac – 100W at the output of the inverter. Should I add more mosfets? Or should I change the transformer? Which option is cheaper? I am using a car battery (12v and about 50Ah).
    Thank you!

  25. Sir can i use 6v 4.5ah battery?what changes to be done in the circuit by using 6v 4.5ah battery?how much output can i get using 6v 4.5ah battery?

  26. Hello sir,
    i am yogendra. I have made that circuit on breadboard. Initially circuit is working well but after some time later when i restarts circuit this is not working. Sir
    Please give me suggestions.

    • what kind of battery u are using ,i mean i have handled this kind of problems before .i thing it is due to inrush current

  27. for which value of R1 , and R2 and c1 i will get 50HZ … how to calculate frequency for cd4947 ic’s …….. can i use irf540n mosfet

  28. Hello sir iam sumesh i have made that circuit on bread board . Circuit is not working. Over heated ic and wire

  29. Dear Sir, I want to use this circuit for window energizer. Using 6V4.5 A battery, how long the battery will last?

  30. i wana convert 220 volt ac into 24 volt dc… what should i do.. i have checked on the internet it is not available..

    • Kapoor Ji, use the same transformer mentioned above. Don,t use center tap of the transformer. Use bridge rectifier on the extreme ends of secondary terminals I.e. 12-12 and 4700-6800uf capacitor as filter. But keep in mind, the current rating will be halved than at 12 volt. Use 6A diode bridge for 12-0-12 6A transformer. You will get 24 volts@ 3A DC.

  31. Can i use this mosfets type(RF50N06) connected to make up to 500W inverter and with what transformer current rating

  32. hi admin
    i have 500 watt transformer (12-0-12/220v).i get it from burned inverter.
    and i have irfz48…and ic to connect them to get the 500 watt.
    thank you.

  33. Hello! I’m too putting this sircuit in use but i’m gonna make it last about 500 watts. The problem is that i have to use more mosfets, but how exactly do i put them in parallel (picture)? Does the load effect the frequiency while in use? Witch resistors does effect the frequency? And lastly how do i connect 12-230 transformer wich has no ground (12v mains two wires, 230 secondary two wires)? Thanks!

  34. hi sir..
    i want to use this circuit for my car audio system ( home theater used in my home)

    will it work fine..?

    and please tell me 2A,12-0-12v transformr is capable for drive it..? i dont know how much power (watts) requre for my home theater..

    it is a 5.1-8inch sub system

    plz tell me…

      • helow sir this circuit is not working … i made this circuit with properly connection and verify it on bread board . It is not working guide me more about this circuit .
        i use 12 v to 230 v step up transformer
        mosfet model i use which are same u mention above and every component is same u mention above which i use and the circuit is not working. kindly give me details about this

  35. Greetings sir,
    i am really interested to build this circuit, but my problem is that i cannot find the MOSFETS, can i use a bipolar transistor such as the common 2n3055, dear sir my email address is (dnkwenti @, sir i will patiently wait for a response, via my email will be more better, thanks

  36. Howe many amp’s battery were there for i/p? please reply me as soon as possible. inform me battery specifications.

  37. I build circuit as per your schematic on bread board. But it will not get 220Vac at o/p. it is varying 0 – 185VAC. But i am getting primary side 12Vac. i am using 12v-0-12v/5A transformer. when i connect load(60w) primary side voltage also decreasing to 2Vac. wht will be the reason. please reply immediately

  38. hi sir,
    we were asked to use 9v dc for supply, and we should have 125w…
    what will i do? can i still use this circuit by modifying some of its components?

  39. Hey,
    I hear a himming sound in the transformer wen I switch it on. And the voltage at the output keepss fluctuating so fast but its working..I need a much stable output

  40. I have a 110 VDC to 230 VAC inverter kindly suggest the circuit to implement 12VDC to 230VDC using same inverter 110 VDC to 230 VAC

  41. hi
    i have made this inverter circuit but its not working i dont know where is the problem in the circuit. i am getting 12v at the transformer secondary side ( 12-0-12) but not getting 230v at the primary side. i am using a centre tapped 230v – 12v 1.5amp transformer. can you please suggest me where would i find the fault?

  42. Once i set the output frequency to 50Hz
    What about the waveforms…. Is the output pure sinewave when observed under CRO ?

    Need a pure sinewave for a project i am working with so if you can help me out.

  43. Hi
    I m pankaj, i made this circuit using 12-0-12v, 1amp, but got output around 60 v AC how can i get 230V AC, plz suggest me, its very urgent.

  44. Hello sir,I use 12 volt 5amp lead acid battery and 12-0-12 230volt 5amp
    Transformer but this ckt not giving 50 watt power. How can i modified

  45. Sir sometime getting problem to find electronics component like jet,get,mosfet etc , is there any solution pls reply

  46. i am using 6v 4.5Ah batt. what type of transformer do i need to get 250w output and how long will it give me backup
    how to connect MOSFET in parallel
    plz reply soon

  47. hello sir ,
    i want to know how to increase my output current at the secondary side of the step up transformer. i am using 12v, 15A transformer because i want to charge my battery which is 120 Ah and the inverter is 70 watts.i want 12A current to charge it.but my ouput current at the transformer is very less .it is going to be around 5A.

  48. Hello sir

    I want to know this circuits o/p is sinusoidal ?????

    Can i use this ckt for mobile charger??

    I want to connect battery supply from my scooti. So it can work through this.??

    My aim is to make 230 volt supply from 2 wheelers battery and i want only power output for mobile charger and speakers.(Don’t suggest for direct 12 v dc to mobile by modification of dc)

    My question is that i want low watt output then can i use this circuit? what changes for it?

    If no then suggest other circuit for suitable for my aim.

    Reply as soon as possible .

  49. hi..i wanna know if you can connect the battery without the charger?
    and also after connecting the charger can you decide to remove the battery since it will power it simultaneously

  50. Hello Sir,
    I am getting the voltage at primary of my transformer only for short duration of time then mosfet get short circuit what to do and what the reason behind (is mosfet not able to handle the voltage )……. Please sir reply as soon as possible…..

  51. Dear admin, great to see your innovation.. I have a little clarification..I have this digital cfl inverter with 12v 9ah battery..but some of the appliances tat I have are not working..hence thinking to use this circuit. Will this be helpful if I give the output of the digital cfl inverter to this circuit?? Pls help

  52. ….shematic is great i used 2 irfz44 n chanel mosfet 12-0-12 step up transformer 150w and on ic cd 4047 used 50kohm potenciometer and 2 capacitors 0.33mikro farad and 0.047 mikro farad in paralell with potenciometer… without circut protection. everything is working perfectly i have connected 75w bulb and central heating water pump from 75ah 680A car batery.

    • Hi vikas jain,
      Sorry Mr.vikas jain I didn’t try that. You may please try and let me know the updates


      • Hello jaseem, I have made the similar circuit but on 12 V dc I/p I am getting only 199 V ac output how to increase it to 230 v ac plz suggest immediately..

  53. I make it same as it is, use 12-0-12, 5A transformer, but it gives only 170Av at output without load ? what is wrong? please reply

      • sallam hafiz adnan i want ur help
        jab mai circuit lagata ho to mosfet heatup ho jata hai,
        plz mujy batao k ap ny kon sy resisters use kiye hai or kon sy watt k hai?
        plz tell me i m waiting

        • Not working. Waqar here is also same problem. i thing some thing is wrong or missing in this given above circuit

          • aik kaam kary, aisa kary k ya jo mosfet sy pehly waly resistors hai na en ko b 1/2 watt k lagaye per daiky k kaam hota hai k nai…………..!
            m waiting for ur rply

  54. hello sir,
    i use 12v/7ah battery and i want minimum 100W output will come by using 9-0-9 10ah transformer or what should i use
    plz help me

  55. Sir,
    I have connected circuit as per circuit diagram of inverter with MOSFET IRFZ44 and I am unable to get output from transformer and the transformer winding is getting heated up and I have used 12v- 5amps transformer only

  56. i just build the circuit but the power is too low and voltage is average about 100 v ac . even unable to drive a light .with useing Mje13005 nunbers 3,3
    and 12v 7ah battery .
    12+12 to 220 v transformer with 5amp

  57. Hello Sir,

    Can I use this square wave inverter for 220V ac adapter of Kinect Xbox360 sensor which gonna be used in image processing of my school project? I’ve read all comments and reply of this article. I’ll use 6 parallel MOSFET to get 500W output.

    Thank you,

  58. sir
    why burns d wire while i connecting to battery lead to test d circuit?.
    CFL blowed and damaged mosfet (z44)after few seconds.
    used 12v 7Ah battery, 12-0-12v 5amp Transformer&15watts CFL in output.

    • the wire burns and the mosfets blow up because of stray inductance affecteng the mosfets…
      Use a 10k resistor to connect each mosfet gate to ground…mosfets are very very sensitive…to static electricity

  59. Hello sir, I have made the circuit on bread board, but when ever I connect it to battery the bulb blinks once and further it does not glow, why? Please suggest any changes.

  60. hi,
    I implement this circuit and it is working, but the problem is it doesn’t get full brightness of load (60w bulb I connected).
    I modified the circuit in mosfet side (connect one mosfet parallel to each side) and use 12-0-12 5A transformer and also I get output voltage 211v. I include battery charger and automatic change over along with this and it work fine. Pls anyone replay to my post

  61. dear sir,
    I try your circuit 4047 ,12v DC to 220v AC. and I want 150watt AC .I have two AC motor of 75watts .so which type of transformer we use in this circuit..???

  62. Hi Jaseem Vp,

    I have a some few transformers. She have a current with 300mA or 1A or 1,5A.

    Any of this works in this circuit? If not what can i do to resolve this?


  63. Greetings to you admin. Please what are the requirements and procedures to make a circuit that can power a whole 3bedroom apartment including electronics? You can forward your reply to the email “” for a better understanding. Thanks

  64. dear sir,

    can we add multiple 5A transformers parallel way and multiple AC 230V out ?
    if it needs some few MOSFET, better to add more Z44n.
    but let me know whether it is possible with 5A two NOs transformers?

  65. Hi Admin,

    Shall we use 20-0-20 3A or 5A step down transformer instead of 12-0-12 5A.
    How much current will be produced?
    Pls reply.

    Thanks in advance.

  66. Hi Sir,

    In this inverter circuit, shall we connect more than 50 or 100 ah 12V batteries?
    Will it work for long time or will it damage the circuit?
    Please advice how much Ah maximum we can connect?

  67. The C2 capacitor mentioned as a filter for the inverter output is not found in the diagram. Where should it be. Thanks. Elijah

  68. hi..this is pushpinder singh i have made this circuit but only problem im facing is my output is fluctuating and stable 230v ac not coming if you can help me i will send you my circuit diagram..plz reply soon

  69. hello sir
    I had made this ckt using cd4047 bt if we used transformer of 5A current rating then ic cd4047 burned out.can you please help us for inreasing the current rating of system

  70. Hi sir,
    what is the design procedure behind the selection of resistors and capacitors for this inverter?is there any equations for that?plse reply….

  71. i’m making inverter circuit using 2SC4029 but this transistor is not available in market .. plz suggest me some alternate

  72. hello sir my name is sathish I am from Andhra Pradesh iwant this made circuit anybody please sell this circuit to me I will give money

  73. I lose power from time to time, but rarely. While things like lights and tv I can do without temporarily, I do need to be able to keep my internet active. I could just use a UPS battery back up, but I’m looking for a cheaper, simpler solution. I don’t need to be able to recharge a battery backup, but instead just run off of a standard large battery like a 6volt lantern battery. I have an inverter that plugs into an automobile cigarette lighter. Can I wire a lighter socket to the lantern battery and plug in the inverter? If 6 volt is not going to give enough juice can I wire tow 6v’s together?

  74. sir, I am sathar
    I have (0-12v/5amps) transformer if both drain in ic are connected to single terminal. please replay me .

  75. Thanks for Simple low power Inverter Circuit (12V DC to 230V or 110V AC) diagram using CD4047 and IRFZ44 power MOSFET no better charge to charge the simple low power inverter.

  76. Hello
    I built the circuit and the battery is a 10V 2 ah rechargeable RC battery
    My problem is that I need to click the switch I added on the positive battery input to charge my capacitor bank

    Please help it’s for my physics project due next week please hurry and thank you


  78. hello sir
    how long battery is give best o\p?
    means time period of battery to give proper o\p if
    battery is 12v and 5A and at o\p of inverter load is 230v and 18W, 0.70A

  79. Sir this is Sudharshan ,(eee,student),
    I need to design a inverter which withstand a fan and 40w bulb for 2 hours
    So I choosed 12v,36amp battery and 10amp transformer, will u please tell me that my decision is correct or not , if it is not tell me the right way to achive it

  80. Hi, guys I’ve made this circuit according to schematic diagram but it does work
    instead one of the transistors get too hot instantly the output voltage blinks” battery cables is also get hot
    please help me what to do.
    also please explain to me what type of capacitor is suitable around ic cd4047 for this circuit.
    Regards to you all

  81. i want to do project on conversion of two wheeler battery voltage into 230 volt ….from where should i start to make it…
    i did not do project yet…
    so plzz help me…

  82. Hi admin I want to run one lamp and fan for that how much rating transformer is used is it available. If changing transformer is any changes or damage in the circuit plz reply it is important.

  83. Hello.. I am felix.. Can some one Help me make a Circuit to Increase Frequency.. from 50hz to around 40khz..?
    And stepping down Voltage from 230v to 12v../

  84. what is the output wattage of this circuit…
    like as per your system the output voltage is 230 volts but what about the current? how much current will it produce?

  85. Hello Yaseen.

    Please help me.

    Having bougth 4 different ready-made inverters with no successful usage withh my device, I now succumb to the need for building a Scaleable homemade SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT inverter.

    What do I really mean?

    I need an AC Power of 230V to power my Voltage multiplier.

    The voltage multiplier uses Diodes and Capacitors whose rated voltage is twice the input voltage i.e 450V 100uf electrolytic capacitors andthe diodes 1000V 10A.

    The readymade inverters I have bougth except for the 200W amidst them have too sensitive Overload protector. They trigger at the sligthest load. Even my 500W and 300W pure sinewave aand mofied sine wave inverters overload protection are too sensitive too.

    The said Voltage Multiplier will take in 230VAC and produce upward of 3000vdc depending on the amount of caps and diodes used. The V.M is meant for powering an Ahir Core High Voltage Electromagnet.

    But now going by the problem with the said inverters, I need to build one that in components can bé adjusted to get the required output wattage anytime myself. So may I know if the Circuit Digram you designed above can bé used that way?
    I mean if I need say 500W, 1000W etc. output, what and what components will I need to remove and or add?

  86. Hey
    I am getting sine wave after IRFZ44n but that sine wave does not touches the reference line. Due to this I am not getting the proper sinusoidal wave at the secondary of transformer.Please do provide me the solution asap.

  87. Hallo !!

    Today I have made this inverter as per the circuit . It worked for some time for a 1 Watt bulb but then the IC CD4047 got heated . Now the circuit is not working . What could be the reason. Also the output voltage was observed to be 89 volts … Please reply and point out the possible errors ..

    • Check all items then transistors and c1 and if transformer is working then be sure that you connected battery 12 v and not regulator or some other power suply.if still not working the ic pins are wrong connected od bad connection.

      • Thanks a lot … by the time I checked and found that one of the MOSFETS had worn out . The probable reason could be inductive spike…

        Thanks again the circuit is working now…
        Can anyone help me to improve output wattage and also excess load negotiation circuit….

  88. Hello sir… to charge the battery?? Is it enough if we give 230v ac at secondary of d transformer??please reply sir…thank u

  89. Hi,

    i want to use this circuit for my Solar Panel Project. I am using DC 12 V,7.5 Ah Battery. if i am using 5 A Transformer, and load is 150 Watt, then How much current it will draw from Battery. Is there any current limiting circuit is required???

    • Simply omitted in the design. Nevertheless, if you look at the datasheet, you’ll see why the pin 13 (OSC) isn’t used in this design.

      Pin 13 will roughly have a frequency of 54 Hz, whereas pins 10 and 11 will be approximately 1/2 of that. After all, a sinusoidal signal is half the time positive and half the time negative, which makes the actual IC a fairly good choice for basic inverters.

    • No need to convert a UPS to an inverter, the inverter is already integrated in the UPS itself. After all, inverting DC to AC is what someone whould buy an UPS for, right ?

    • Nope, you can’t. These 2 ICs are used for different purposes. Look at the datasheets of each one and you’ll see that they are 2 different entities.

      • Is it capable to power small home theater?however i have solar panel with 12v 150ma….
        Also have XL6009 DC TO DC BOOSTER circuit…wich provide 12v 1.5 amp output with
        The input of 12v… can connect this booster circuit to get capable input in dc to ac inverter circuit?sorry for my poor English…..reply please

  90. Hello Admin,
    Please can I use 15-0-15 tranformer with this circuit or can u suggest me any other inverter circuit to be build with 15-0-15 transformer.

  91. Hey I make this ckt but my bulb is only blinking instead of I changed preset value… But my bulb is not glowing for a long time just 1sec blink then off…what’s the problem tell me solution…

  92. 100% working
    fisrt i test it with the dc power supply in lab but amp was low and it shows 0.25 vAc and im connect battery charger of motor
    cycle to it and switch to 12 V in multi meter shows 4.25 v ac and im disconnect it from the charger but after two days i conect again and i see it provide 0.25 -charger have pulsting dc i think its Causes this problem u for solve it u most connect
    battery car in to your inverter amp is really important .
    during soldring process attention to solder heat it causes your electronic components will be burn.
    attention to the connection which electronic parts Appropriate connect to each other.
    attention to legs of ur components.

  93. Hello sir Am make this circuit but is not work .it heat the mosfet and the output of the the mosfet is 27.3 v …am use 12 v battery with 12-0-12 centre tapped transformer. Please reply fast sir or any my other friend….

  94. hi~ i am a newbie about this stuff , can teach me how to make a 12V DC car battery convert to 240V AC ? because i want to make a plug inside my car and charging my laptop. Thank You~~~ please reply me T.T

  95. Hello thanks for this useful circuit, I built it and it work very well.
    but please i want to know how i can use it on a 75ah car battery. The last time i tried it, it smoked all the transistor and the ic.
    please help and tell me what i can do.

    Thank you

  96. Sir tell me that how much rating will be required of each components which is used in inverter circuit like transistor capacitor MOSFET transformer etc. Means what will be the current and voltage rating of each components . May I also know that how can I increase the wattage of inverter. If you have any tested inverter circuit diagram of maximum wattage inverter.
    Thanks for giving your important time to solve my problem.

  97. Hi I am Umar, I want to know which transformer you have used in the circuit… I mean is this is AC DC transformer or DC AC transformer in the circuit… and how many Amperes is this…

  98. Hi I have two mobile chargers theirs outputs is 3 and 5 volts. I want to add those 2 chargers outputs. Is it possible or not. if possible in which fashion I have to connect in series or parallel.

  99. hi i made this circuit but its not working and ic break. then how to rectify this problem can u help this any one.,…

  100. hello
    my name is prathamesh
    i want to make this ckt, but this ckt required pre-set or not for oscillation purpose.

  101. High Admin
    I made this circuit and it seems to work well except the led lamp flickers when switched on and then settles down I left it for
    an hour but found the transformer was very hot. PS the transformer I used was an unknown as to the amps/output could
    this be the problem.
    Many thanks Arthur.

  102. Sir, i have designed your circuit for the 500w inverter with 6 mosfet in parallel, but humming noise is arised when watt greater than 40w. what to do.
    how to calculate the output power capacity of a transformer.

  103. sir I want to convert 200 W 12 v dc being generated by a generator ( real time ) to 220 v AC without putting a battery in between. if it can be possible if yes then how if no then what shall I change.
    pl answer .

  104. dis circuit wudn’t work!! U will need 10v to drive the mosfet gate bt ur output voltage can’t be higer dan 7v wt 12v input

  105. Sir,
    Wouls u tell me what is the value of Capacitor c2. I cannot see in the circuit but in the Working of DC to AC converter it is written:
    “The inverter output is filtered by capacitor C2”

  106. Hello.
    My last stage of the circuit is not working.
    I’m getting a 6v 55 Hz signal at the end of the resistor from the CD4047, before connecting to the mosfet however the mosfet is giving a 0 volts output.what could be the reason?

  107. Sir !
    I m having 7.2 ah luminous SMF ,12volt battery and I found this circuit will work for me !!!!

    But sir it is not working as I prepared it on breadboard !!!!

    May u plz clearly show your formed circuit section closer look with each rating !!!!!!and connection so that it becomes easy to understand my fault !!!!!

    Is this 0.22uf capacitor is of electrolytic type!!!!and where u used it on ur circuit section and also 18k and 1 k !!!!! Y not u wrote it like combined 19 k !!!!! I have resistance box and I am not finding any resistance like 18 k !!!!!

    Plz help me in this project!!!!!
    How should I ask for this transformer from shopkeeper!!!!!

  108. please sir
    one request to you
    please send a 10 to 5000watt 5000watt invertor circuit with all details such as video, comments details and construction report pdf

  109. Can any one help me here please.
    I tried giving AC supply using bridge rectifier 5A and the output voltage is 40V
    Pin 10 Mosfet is not driving.
    If i try using battery,that still didn’t help.
    and i’m using central tap tansformer 3 A
    What should i do.

  110. Hi, I want to build this circuit on pcb, can I use 12V 70Ah battery? I also want to charge the battery from a 12V suplly from solar panels, can you maybe give me a charging circuit for this? I will try to get a higher Amp Transformer so that the power is more, will this be fine? Very Urgent

  111. sir,
    Can i use this circuit as fish shocker , what changes are needed to make a fish shocker. My friends are using a ready made inverter for catching fish. How to make a cheapest and powerful fish shocker

  112. Not an issue.If u want to connect a charging circuit u can make it of your own.just put a bridge rectifier followed by a suitable capacitor.your charging circuit is done now.But remember one thing,to charge a 12 volt battery u must have to drop the supply AC to its range.So use a step-down tansformer(12V,1.5A) to step-down the main give the output of the transformer to the bridge ur job is done.thank you.:)

  113. i am using cd4047 and IRFZ44 power MOSFET make the inverter but ouput of the lamp is blinking not glow in continious
    pls help

  114. the construction of the inverter is ok but after the discharge of the battery how to charge it again, does the circuit automatically does

  115. The Mosfet IRF44 is very hard to find…………Only IRF 44 N Channel available to find……….If you found , please send me a Ebay link……………

  116. hi.plz tell me how can i convert 12 volt ,0.15 ampere dc to 100watt electricity to light some led 9 watt bulb.

  117. Which type of capicitor is used in this circuit electrolytic or cramic capicitor and of how many volts

  118. Hi!

    I have a 12V DC to 230V AC invertor that gives me problems producing power at the sockets. It shows that there is power flowing through the circuit but the overload signal light is on hence there’s no load plugged in. Could it be the dead transistors or what could be the problem?

  119. Hi sir I’m anil Reddy i had done circuit clearly but it not working output is 2 to 3v on AC but mosfet is heating can you please send me a suggestion sir

  120. sir i want to run my speakers in my car
    can i use this circuit along with my car battery
    the power ratting of speakers are 220-240 v ac 50 hz, 79 watt
    will it interfere in normal car ellectronics and the battery charging circuit.
    pls inform me asap.
    thanks in advance.

  121. Dear sir,
    I have made it. and it works good. Now I have 2 question.
    1. the two mosfet can handle 150watt???
    2. for 500watt, need 6 mosfet. my question is totally 6 MOSFET or two side required 6 MOSFET???
    thank you.

  122. hello sir. I’m so interested in your work,. I will need your help in the construction of an inverter of 30000watt and 1000watt as well.. if I’m to use that same diagram with the source,the transformer and the Moffett replaced with a higher value, what values am I to use?? and how do I arrange my Moffett??

  123. Hi. Can i know is it possible if i replace a dynamo instead of using a battery. Will it work? Can i use it to charge phones?

  124. Sir
    iam a begginer
    i might be wrong but even though
    sir why center tapped step DOWN transformer is used instead of step up?

  125. Hlo sir …i made the circuit using of p55nf04 mosfet and 12-0-12v 2 amp transformer and other specific component but when i connect 12v 7.2ah battery the ic is getting too heat and no voltage out from transformer pls help me sir

  126. Sir pls am new,n my qust is,how many turnage of coil do i need in d primary(output) of my transformer?am using 1.5kv sterblizer transformer to achieve 400wtt power inverter .

  127. Thank you for your posts I have Two 2n3055 pls send me an easy diagram how i can wiring 12dc to 220 ac Thank every onewho wiling to help me.

  128. Hi admin if I am using ups transformer which can handle 300 watt, my ic 4047 got short.

    Pls giv us solution for protection of reverse current while applying high load transform.

  129. Hi Adim

    Is it possible to use a DC supply to replace the charger circuit to drive this inverter ?

    i have been try it ,the output was 216v but it can not light up a bulb(it flash on>off>on>off) and there was a voltage drop of my dc supply.

    can you recommend some solution or other way?thanyou

  130. Hi. Im Salih
    I m not related to electric field but tried to make this inverter.
    It just results as my saver us blinking but not burning contineously.

  131. sir , I’m Dilli Ganesh I juz found that 13th pin is missing. what should I do? whether I Gnd that pin or can I leave that pin ?

  132. Hello! I am a beginner. I have made this circuit on bread board.problem comes here is that there should be 12VAC output after mosfet.But it is 3vAC,kindly help me to improve this.!

  133. sir i have implemented this circuit on breadboard .it is not working . i have used IRFP250n power mosfet instead of irfz44 & i have used 18-0-18 instead of 12-0-12 transformer. my circuit is not working please help me…..

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