How to program stepper motor in microprocessor 8086 assembly language

How to Control stepper motor using Microprocessor 8086 by assembly language program? As we all know that stepper motor driver plays an important role in automatic control system.We can create a stepper motor controller using 8086 microprocessor and 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface IC. Here is the assembly language program for 8086 microprocessor.

This stepper motor assembly language program is quite simple and easy. Here we had described the functions of each code for better understanding.
Basically this assembly program is a beginner guide to those who like to study 8086 programming.
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8086+Microprocessor+Assembly+programming How to program stepper motor in microprocessor 8086 assembly language

Notations used For representing different types of numbers

We are using some notations here.
B: – used to indicate Binary Number
H: – used to represent Hexa Decimal Number
CW used to represent Control Word register

You must know!

  • Stepper motor is interfaced to 8086 with the help of 8255 IC (Programmable Peripheral Interface).
  • 8255 has two modes of operation BSR (Bit Set Reset) mode & IO (Input Output) mode.
  • The mode is determined by the Control Word (CW) register; (here the CW address is 26).
  • Initialize the CW with (0000 0000)B=(00)H for BSR mode & (1000 0000)B=(80)H for IO mode
  • Stepper motor is IO device so CW should be (80)H There are 4 poles in a typical stepper motor A1, A2, B1, B2
  • Energize the poles for anticlockwise rotation we have to apply the following to the poles
8255+PPI+for+Interfacing+stepper+motor How to program stepper motor in microprocessor 8086 assembly language

So we, out these set of values to the IO port of 8255

8086 assembly language programming code for beginners

The below program shows the interfacing of Stepper motor

1000  MOV AL,80    /*Move 80(hex) to AL*/
1002  OUT 26,AL    /*Move 80(Hex) to PPI, 26 is the CW of PPI*/
1004  MOV AL,0A    /*Energizing the poles*/
1006  OUT 20,AL
1008  CALL 2000    /*Give some delay to rotate Motor*/
1010  MOV AL,06
1012  OUT 20,AL
1014  CALL 2000
1016  MOV AL,05
1018  OUT 20,AL
1020  CALL 2000
1022  MOV AL,09
1024  OUT 20,AL
1026  CALL 2000
1028  JMP 1004   /*Repeat the steps*/
1030  HLT

In the memory location 2000, we should give Delay program. You can choose any memory location other than 2000 as you like.

The delay Program is shown below

2000  MOV BX,1000  /*Move a value to BX*/
2002  DEC BX       /*Decrementing the value*/s
2004  MP BX,0000  /*Check whether the value reach 0000*/
2006  JNZ 2002     /*If not 0000, Decrement again*/
2008  RET          /*Return to the Motor program*/

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